1. I wish North America had steins gate on ps extra I loved the anime

  2. I was expecting a bigger graphical jump

  3. Yeap I was expecting Ray tracing

  4. Oh fuck yeah, this has been on my ‘dark horse’ list for awhile. There’s like an equal chance of it being a masterpiece or complete shit. Excited to see some gameplay.

  5. It’s from Ubisoft it will be complete shit

  6. Note: it doesnt run 60 fps

  7. I’m playing it right now and 30fps is soo bad it’s jarring come on it’s an open world game and this game needs 60fps

  8. I imagine that CDPR wants a successful multiplayer title like Sony also wants to not be as reliant anymore on AAA Single-Player titles that take 5 years to make.

  9. So Witcher 3 live service or battle royale?

  10. Can’t even saw through a hot dog 1 star

  11. Hell yes I love these types of breath of the wild games

  12. When I was 8 I used to defeat everyone at beyblade my dragoon was unstoppable

  13. This movie a Masterpiece? Are you serious?

  14. Wtf less than 1% of people won the oscars this guy is really humble

  15. On a side note i wonder if we are going to get the reveal of Ghost of Tsushima 2 this Summer.

  16. Yeah what is sucker punch up to?

  17. Ghost of tushima it’s got a great story and amazing gameplay literally the only game that actually made me buy after playing it on ps extra

  18. For fucks sake when will see $150 gpu price to performance

  19. the same role offered to Vijay and Allu Arjun is being done by Sanjay Dutt now. Only other cameo is of Deepika.

  20. Why did Allu Arjun denied the cameo? And what can this cameo be about?

  21. I wonder what type of ssd read/write speeds is going to be recommended for r&c pc?

  22. Oh yeah after I’m done ordering she’ll need some loving

  23. Stop your witchin and mow my lawn

  24. It’s about time to add rachet & clank rift apart in April line up

  25. Bring back the Jadoo universe

  26. Will do! I sent them the photo in my post and that wasn’t enough so I will try taking video/pictures of normal content.

  27. Yeah good luck getting any type of support from Sony

  28. I think you guys are missing it. She just found a foolproof way to cancel her gym membership quickly and stop having her credit card billed.

  29. Hol E Shit 100iq play but at what cost?

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