1. "Bail after 6 months" had a really bad ex, only giving them 6 months instead of the 4 years I gave them would have been super nice.

  2. 2. I can think that is because of the party's decision to go murder all and in consequence create a lot of small battles against not-so-weak opponents.

  3. Ah so in response to #3 the fighter can use that 2x per day (I'm assuming they're a rune fighter subclass)

  4. When consuming content you can enjoy things from bad people as long your enjoyment of the content doesn't promote them//their bad ideals.

  5. Relationship standards and what they mean have changed through time. This 1 person for life idea has had spotty application throughout time and nothing has proven that its scientifically or biologically the best. The standard has been reinforced socially.

  6. At the core you are you. If you happen to be trans, fall under the trans umbrella, or just need to test a few things out to discover yourself, and you "change" as a person then you are just becoming more yourself.

  7. She didn't have the option to run, she was working in a waffle house and probably would have been fired for doing so. Also, people seem to forget that you would need to find a jury that would actually convict her, which would be a tall order pretty much anywhere.

  8. Workplaces want you to run/hide that way you are less likely to get injured and less likely to be able to sue them.

  9. If that isn't in the contract and can't be verified anywhere in the employee training, I can't see how it would be admissable in court. 'Having an unspoken preference that the employee should run instead of defend themselves' isn't really going to fly.

  10. Idk what you're going on about, I'm talking about how when you're injured at work you can claim workers comp and can try to sue them if you think part of your harm was caused by their negligence, for instance this negligence could be in the form of improper training or dangerous hazards/makeshift weapons. Even if you don't personally pursue action against your employer, your insurance might take action, or their insurance might insist on costly company wide changes to prevent similar incidents. So for these reasons among others, no company wants anyone to come to harm on their property.

  11. Genuine question. Do people really, truly, believe there’s some sort of supernatural/unnatural interference happening? That the laws of physics don’t apply, specifically, to a certain person and that there’s ‘something else’ happening?

  12. I believe that it is possible to just be on a long streak of, "bad luck" someone out there has to be the person to roll less than 10 everytime for 40 rolls in a row. It's a bit like the infinite monkey theorem.

  13. I used to do both, but I got so tired of all the technical difficulties the came from online as well as it being even harder than normal to keep player focus.

  14. What mc? Just so I can avoid that sinful manhwa, only Christian reading here.

  15. Is it not better to be motivated by politics than monetary gain?

  16. Was it something just between bf and your bs's nps other partner? Was it only once in a 3some thing?

  17. It was just between bf and X. It happened earlier this year, and he just recently mentioned it.

  18. Then if your rule about telling each other about new partners EXPLICITLY existed ONLY for helping prevent STDs he's fine. Otherwise he violated a pretty reasonable agreement and hid it from you.

  19. If you're struggling with your self worth your partner's priority should be helping you to a stable/healthy place.

  20. Solasta actually runs it the way it is supposed to be ran in dnd.For what I've seen most people confuse "reveal your location" to "you're not unseen nor unheard anymore", but all it does RAW is end the "guessing the target’s Location", you're still unseen (and maybe unheard), but now you can be targeted with disadvantage, you still have advantage on your attack rolls as long as you're unseen. That's why Solasta adds a perception check after each hit, to represent your target trying to see you.

  21. Andrea is a widow, and Cassie took the death of her father very hard since she was so young. According to Andrea a lot of their problems started there out of grief and anger.

  22. OP, your wife stole your daughter's future, and then told you to take the fall.

  23. Also check that no cards or loans have been taken out in Cassie’s name

  24. This absolutely needs to be seen, It's easy to want to trust your partner, and easy to not think about identity theft, but that's one of the common next steps for her to take. OP if you thought your daughter's life was ruined now if your wife takes out loans in her name it will make this look like nothing.

  25. How is a case of predatory behavior and potential grooming the victim's fault?

  26. INFO: does he have sufficient savings to hold out until he gets decent paying job?

  27. Don't like them, don't trust them like that (yet), lazy, things to do, they smell bad, I smell bad, I have stuff to do later, I have better people to hang out with alone.

  28. In my experience women post more than men on a lot of social media, the exceptions being the scary parts of reddit, Twitter, 4chan, and the like.

  29. The dev was making half decent money at one point (at the time the patreon was making about what a part-time min wage earner would make) to work on it, and had been releasing semi-regular updates. Then a popular YouTuber who had been promoting the game dragged it through the mud for not updating enough and then the funding dropped out the bottom and the dev almost completely abandoned it. Then the dev did actually abandon it later

  30. Polyamory doesn't make you a better partner by default, BUT to maintain healthy polyamory you have to have better relationship skills than a monogamous person. So if you have healthy polyamorous relationships, you are surrounding yourself with people who have good relationship skills, and the benefits snowball.

  31. Actually, it takes quite a bit of skill to maintain a healthy monogamous relationship, especially in the long term. The challenges are different, that's all.

  32. I didn't say it required no skill, just less. Polyamory is multiple independent relationships, you're going to face more challenges than you would in monogamous relationships just by the nature of numbers.

  33. Was this a 2d or 3d game? Were the graphics meant to be cartoonist or realistic?

  34. 2d or 3d, its hard to explain in text, but if it had realistic graphics then it's most likely 3d, and I have no idea what game it is.

  35. Congrats, you feel compersion rather than jealousy for your friend, that's common in people with healthy emotional states, and you may have a variety of likes related to voyeurism. None of that means you're poly.

  36. Nonbinary is a wide ranging term for anyone who doesn't feel associated with either "binary" gender.

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