1. His drumming wasn’t the problem. It was his personality and views on certain issues. No way Ed and Jeff were inviting him back.

  2. I can't believe this group likes Evil Urges and Circuital more than The Waterfall.

  3. It's a good song, but I'll never fully understand the rabid hysteria for YL. To me, Wash, and especially Footsteps, are just immeasurably better.

  4. Thanks everyone for your responses! Definitely cleared up my confusion!

  5. Unc would snap Dillon Brooks in half.

  6. More like "Walk for Forced Pregnancies." Or "Walk for Carry Your Rapist's Baby."

  7. Bro, I'm with ya. Don't mind the song overall but that lyric especially the way the song starts basically apacapella

  8. I've got 10 downvotes for my comment. I guess some people actually think that's a good lyric and delivery. It's beyond me. Of all the blindingly brilliant lyrics Neil has written over the years, I'm still baffled that he wrote something as saccharine, cheesy and forced as Presto.

  9. You had six before my comment and I figured I might get the same for agreeing with you. But whatevs. It's fake internet karma.

  10. LOLOLOL I love this man. Thank you so much for your post. Clearly you get it. Rock on!

  11. Wow. I'm so profoundly terrified.

  12. Cow Palace. Daly City, CA. Who Made Who tour. 1986. Probably the loudest show I've ever seen.

  13. You actually have 'Man Who Sold the World' as an option? That's a top 10 Bowie record. Who the hell are you?

  14. It's already been mentioned but the 6-25-94 Las Vegas is brutal. 94 - 95 in general had it's share of cringey shows but some were next level train wreck. As somebody who didn't start seeing them until 85 it was tough to watch things go downhill that rapidly.

  15. It's funny because I saw the 6/26/94 Vegas show, and it ranks as one the better Dead shows I saw. Granted, I only saw one show from the Brent era...

  16. It's not sniffing the bottom 100 shows that's for sure. It's just a popular answer that gets parroted over and over like Boreal Ridge.

  17. Nice Boreal Ridge reference! Gotta love the lo-fi ski mountain.

  18. A Smashing Pumpkins record.

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