1. There are two camps of people in the world. The first group looks to the left of the decimal place and thinks about accumulating one whole coin. The second group looks to the right instead and thinks about collecting 100 million sats. Which camp are you?

  2. How about those who already have a whole coin?

  3. If you had enough ETH (32), but were not that computer savvy, would you run your own staking validator node? It seems like it would take a lot of work (and some capital) to set up, doesn't seem like that much benefit over liquid staking options, and if you screw it up you could lose your eth!

  4. The wallet is not the same. It’s your keys your coins

  5. coinbase wallet is a separate application. Coinbase is an exchange, coiinbase wallet is just a wallet.

  6. And of course Coinbase is down lol

  7. BTC spraying its golden showers on all of us

  8. Google it. I did. It’s a bank that helped with b2b crypto transactions

  9. Fiat mining is done by credit creation. Bitcoin mining is done through real energy usage, in a free competition market. Wich one would you trust to store of value?

  10. Can say the same thing about gold but gold max supply is not defined.

  11. With crypto restrictions easing, I wonder when Chinese money is going to go into the sector again.

  12. I always buy the dip but Im tired of salsa anyone has suggestions?

  13. US rates possibly going to 7% and Dogecoin's market cap is still over $10 billion. Does make me a little nervous...

  14. When a high is rejected three times it’s a bearish indicator

  15. If anyone is a little tired from carrying around massive bags all day, let me know and I can take one or two off your hands 👍

  16. I’d gladly do it except my hands are molecularly fused to my bags

  17. What coin should I buy as offering to our new alien overlords?

  18. You idiots don’t need to be BULL or BEAR, lmao hedge your bets, I own Tesla nvda stock and bought puts yesterday and have made slight profit. Don’t need to gun it in one direction

  19. Yall recovered from yesterday? Get prepared for the next round.

  20. Spent a whole day in a data center building stuff out. Looked at the chart for the first time and was like wtf happened now!?!?!?!

  21. Kraken SEC investigation. They agreed to stop staking on their platform.

  22. Had to move my atom to exodus from kraken so I could stake it… oh well

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