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  1. The 20% nomination change was a masterstroke from Starmer. Really limited the SCG for the future.

  2. Is this not counteracted by this bit of the law:

  3. I didn't see that bit. Isn't that just a loophole then where landlords can just increase costs when they like as long as they can spuriously justify it?

  4. Dude you need to correct that slant on the display. Get a spirit level. It would drive me nuts.

  5. It drives me nuts, do you know how to fix it? I got it for a great price on eBay so I wasn’t passing it up.

  6. Probably need to take the back off and reseat the module.

  7. Ya but it also isn't what It isnt and it isn't worth 30k more. Same boat

  8. Nothing has value until it is bought or sold. It was worth it for me when I bought it and if I get the same or more likely more when I sell it then it is worth it for the people who buy it too.

  9. Yeah everyone gets supply and demand but you're not listening? Anywho enjoy your new pad my dude

  10. Hahaha so you're literally admitting that you ban people for personally attacking bigots

  11. So then I'm assuming you banned both in the exchange then

  12. I don't know what particular exchange you're referring to. But that is our rules and that's how we enforce them.

  13. The 12th year of this lie that Tory voters will lap up.

  14. Seems weird to see people negatively reacting to Rachael Reeves pointing out simple facts.

  15. Do you notice that when a news story comes out about labour, the novara or skwankbox immediately put out a slanted or plain lying narrative about it and lots of people simply rely on that narrative rather than reading the original news story.

  16. Anyone get "tin pot dictator" vibes from Liz Truss reaction to the Green Peace protesters. Like a very shite Hitler screaming at a rally about "the enemy".

  17. Why do you want businesses influencing the party of organised labour? Why should bosses get a say on the affairs of workers?

  18. To hear issues from people directly and to get donations like most political parties in the world to help finance campaigns and to win elections.

  19. Why would you offer tory sponsors seats at a labour event?

  20. I'm not sure the utility question is relevant. It's more that alternatives to allowing people to buy and sell money need to be considered.

  21. It is warmed and frothed alpaca blood and there is nothing else to say.

  22. I think someone needs to check your hard drive, mate.

  23. My idea for an Australian Far Cry would we play as an Aboriginal police officer who is tracking down his (or her) family after being separated as a child. Leading him to a small outback town where he quickly gets involved in the troublesome local biker gang despite his best efforts.

  24. Looks gorgeous! Reminds me of the book/movie Danny Champion of the World for some reason!

  25. I would love a standalone game which just randomised outposts for you to take.

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