RIF dev here - Reddit's API changes will likely kill RIF and other apps, on July 1, 2023

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  1. So who is trying to screw who here? Is this some sort of Omniscrewing?

  2. Makes me laugh that their defence is that the government have somehow decided that 'unambiguously irrelevant' is such a super defence.

  3. I mean so did Neil Coyle (for sexual harassment and racism) but they gave it back to him because he's a staunch ally of Starmer.

  4. Davies' issues stem back 5 years though. Why didn't Corbyn suspend the whip then given it was an '

  5. They only withdrew whip once it was made public, known about it for a while.

  6. I'm a bit confused - Keith Vaz hasn't been a Labour MP for ages.

  7. I use old reddit and RIF. The API fiasco is going to kill reddit for me. Probably a good thing.

  8. Thank you for your work. I won't be using mobile reddit without RIF.

  9. It's a farce, and pandering to the racists and idiots of Brexit is a slap in the face to those who know Brexit can't work, was never going to work, and that we're in this situation purely down to the idiocracy.

  10. I think it is really dangerous to call voters we desperately need nasty names. People were reeling from austerity and had (still do) pretty shitty lives. Along came the real bad guys who lied and promised things would be much better if they voted for brexit. The remain side had an utterly uncompelling campaign and the leavers used military grade psyops.

  11. But he' s not saying the right things, is he? He's saying the wrong things, to the right wing people, because his integrity was last seen losing to a wet paper bag and he knows he lacks the natural abilities to lead a change of mind.

  12. The cabinet office that stated they didn't exist... checks notes yesterday?

  13. So crows sound like British geezers when they speak english huh?

  14. You still have to pay your loans back from abroad. My taxes are lower here but I'm still shelling out $500 a month minimum to BritGov for the privilege of reedin sum werdz.

  15. Harrass you and eventually send bailiffs to your contact address in the UK, if you still have one.

  16. The tories will simply pivot to whatever they need to stay in power. They are on the cusp of using up all the boomer votes but they will swerve and offer younger people something ridiculously good. I just hope labour will be prepared for it.

  17. One opinion of mine is that it's something that really brings out the absolutely bizarre beliefs of some Argentinians. Even otherwise well-adjusted, socially liberal, forward thinking people who are young, suspicious of their country's recent governments and so on sometimes seem to turn into foaming-at-the-mouth nationalists, utterly detached from reality, when the topic comes up. And not just in the content of what they say but with the fervour they say it with (even when adjusted to Argentinian standards of emotional expression).

  18. I once dated a Canadian girl who happened to live in Argentina when she was young. Whenever the subject came up, she used to screech the "las malvinas son argentinas" song and wouldn't shut up. We didn't date for long.

  19. Is this some sort of magic? The Shutterstock stock photo of this corridor is taken from almost the exact same place and has a spookily similar title

  20. That is indeed very strange! I was there today and took this photo, but clearly other people have had the same idea too.

  21. Oh man, when I was singing along to the theme tune of the finale of mysterious cities of gold he was probably enjoying watching the shapes my mouth was making

  22. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/jan/30/the-gun-show-loophole-myth/

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