1. i have a harley, have never owned anything but harley, and catch myself wanting something smaller, lighter, and more nimble from time to time.

  2. yeah, major them bones vibe. i think syn and matt missed the opportunity to harmonize the verses like layne and jerry lol

  3. You may have enjoyed it off the bat, as did I honestly, but that was NOT popular sentiment among "long time" fans

  4. while this is true, it was still written in a well flowing and clean manor. at the time, it felt like a more main stream and modern progression of the a7x sound. i think almost easy is the only song on that album with an odd time signature in it, alpoh too but that song is all over the place.

  5. the people who say, “if you truly were an a7x fan, you’d like the album, you just don’t understand it yet” kill me lol. i guess in order to be a fan i need to blindly like everything they make, sounds a little sheepish to me

  6. i enjoy a bunch of hip hop, country, and pop music alongside rock and metal. doesn’t mean metallica would write a good pop album….

  7. Yeah but the last time metallica wrote a good album was the time Lou Reed wrote one for them.

  8. “several songs would be excellent if they just didn’t do weird shit” perfectly sums up the first half of this album. game over’s vocals absolutely ruin the entire song. mattel could have been better if it wasn’t for the vocal only spots. beautiful morning was going great until the weird spot in the middle. the second half is a lost cause of weirdness

  9. i respect that. i just think they’re weird and break the song for me

  10. feel like only 3 songs on that album are tribute songs. the back half of that album is amazing and original. acid rain and crimson day are emotionally very heavy songs

  11. i agree, but people seem to hate the album just because of This Means War (which is a tribute to Sad But True) and Hail to The King (King Nothing)

  12. hail to the king and king nothing don’t sound anything alike and have totally different messages imo. the only similarity is the word king.

  13. game over sounds pretty bad vocal wise imo. otherwise, i feel like it’s not his actual voice that sounds bad, it’s what he’s singing and how he’s singing it.

  14. Killed any hype I had for any future releases. Can't get any worse than this imo. Same feeling I had when st anger first came out but worse.

  15. The amount of praise on this thread blows my mind; this is one of the worst albums i've ever heard...

  16. i think a lot of them are lying to themselves because they don’t wanna say they hate it and offend the band and their own perception of the band. deep down they know it’s not the sound they want from a7x. a7x has a very loyal and personal fan base and no one wants to accept the fact that their favorite band put out a bad album.

  17. the stage is a way better album imo, moves me way more than any song on libad does

  18. I agree with some others. This is their St. Anger album, or if you're into Opeth their Heritage album. That being said, this is much worse than both of those albums. A foray into what is essentially a new genre for them, prog rock. And they did a bad job straight up. Lots of people defending them and I don't think they know what this music should sound like. Instrumentality it's not all bad, Syn still does his thing on many of the songs, but Matt's voice is the wrong fit for this type of music. If this is really the direction they want to take it they will need to replace Matt. Which is obviously ridiculous. They play directly against their strengths it seems. The only song that felt complete and whole and got me excited was Nobody. Imo The Stage was probably their best album to date, to follow that up with this is really disappointing. Glad I didn't pay 300$ for concert tickets this time round.

  19. this is an accurate take, matt’s voice just flat out doesn’t work in these songs. way too many instances thru the album of him just sounding weird trying to make it work

  20. i don’t think anyone expects stand up and scream #2, i just think fans didn’t want the rapid departure from heavy in general

  21. i’ve listened to cosmic about 10 times so far and it does absolutely nothing to me, exist and the entire back half of the stage is way more moving imo. i can’t believe my eyes when i see posts of people saying they’re “crying and having an out of body experience” to it

  22. Dude I totally agree. Exist is an amazing song. This one just sounded, generic to me.

  23. right there with ya, not a big fan of the album at all. i really tried to see the hype in mattel and cosmic but it’s just not there for me. i can’t see how it’s making the entire fan base cry lol. beautiful morning is the most solid song on the album but it still gets unnecessarily weird in the middle and throws it off.

  24. I get there’s a bandwagon and everyone is on it hard, and the excuse of experimentation through psychedelics isn’t a good excuse to put out random ass music for the sake of being quirky. The Stage and it’s purpose and theme was amazing. This has some interesting stuff but definitely not a full dedicated album, this should have been a release like Diamonds in the Rough.

  25. i’m on her side generally but $15k a month is ridiculous

  26. i listen and appreciate pretty much every genre but this album misses the mark completely for me. it’s abstract and all over the place purely for the sake of being all over the place. i get that the album stems from a dmt induced identity crisis and they’re writing the album THEY want to write, but that doesn’t mean it translates to the listener.

  27. been a fan for nearly 20 years, love all types of music, this album is not for me. mattel and cosmic were overhyped imo. i cringe at all the “omg i cried and levitated” comments for cosmic, i don’t see the hype at all.

  28. Again another voice that makes me feel like I'm not the only one missing the point on this album. Thank you good sir.

  29. i feel like i get the point and where they were going artistically, but it’s just flat out not pleasing to me. there’s no doubt it’s intricate and experimental but i guess i’m just not into the dmt abstract vibe.

  30. this albums bad lol, too many people are in denial

  31. i agree that people can have different tastes. music is subjective. but i also believe that a lot of people are pretending to like it lol

  32. Cosmic is good but not outstanding. Just ok.

  33. way overhyped lol i’m dumbfounded that this is what everyone was freaking out about

  34. just listen on spotify like the rest of the world

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  36. i’m following along for a leak and am excited for the album but i’m not losing my mind over it all. i got way too much shit on my mind to be that pressed about a leak not happening 3 days before release

  37. james hetfield? spotted at a metallica concert? i thought he quit years ago and was replaced my robert trujillo?!

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