Megathread: FBI Reportedly Discovers Classified Documents in Monday's Raid on Mar-a-Lago

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  1. What the heck rates were you calculating? I used to sell solar and the federal combined with CPS rebate put ROI normally from 10 to 20 years. Not to mention slight increasing cost of energy rates.

  2. Show us the sheets you used to calculate the ROI. I started looking into solar when people showed up at my door hawking systems. They had promises and most had some ROI calculations, but the calculations either deepened on the cost of electricity getting astronomically high (one required something like $0.64KwH for a payback) or others used linear generation calculations when generation will decrease over time. Most never even accounted for anything other than perfectly sunny days. They were all scams.

  3. There's a company or two (or more) making solar shingles that install just like normal roof shingles and just need to be connected together. It's supposed to cut down on installation and maintenance costs. I think I may hop on that within the next 4-5 years.

  4. Yeah, those are pretty promising for blending in and maybe saving if you have to replace your roof already.

  5. Our electricity generation rate doubled this summer. It was quite low at $0.11/kWh, all in. Now it's around $0.18. At 11 cents, our payback period was about 8 years. With this change, we'll be closer to 5 years payback and we're already 2 years in. 6.6 kW peak system, out of pocket cost of just under $9k. Saved us about $90/mo before and $150/mo now.

  6. Did a company install the system for you? How many watts of solar do you have?

  7. Yes, had a company install it, they were recommended by a neighbor. It's a 6.6kWh system. The $9k was after about $8k in state and federal tax incentives.

  8. Sounds like a great price, wish we still had pricing and incentives like that in Texas. The last quote I got was for a 9Kw system + inverter + 5kWh battery for parts of the house for $19k.

  9. I get that you graciously gave them a game they didn't ask for and a refund, but you wasted their time and sent them something they didn't want. The refund was the minimum effort you could have done to remedy the situation, but it does not change the fact that you did not send them what they ordered at the end of the day. Bad feedback is warranted for wasting their time.

  10. I have been in IT for 20+ years. If I got out I would totally go the AC tech route. The world is on fire, AC is going to keep getting more and more important -- I would try and focus on industrial / commercial AC though. Learn the trade, put my time in and then start my own practice.

  11. You should put the demo login details on the main home page. The link to the demo is there but no credentials...

  12. This should be illegal or at least heavily taxed. As a consumer, the best thing you can do is not use Bitcoin. like anything, Bitcoin is worthless if no one wants to buy it.

  13. Crypto currency in general is collapsing. Only bag holders and grifters still pushing any of it.

  14. Your asking if you will be fired for committing fraud?

  15. Awesome trail and arguably the best day hike in the park. Get there early in the morning and hike up before sunrise; the sunrise at the top is one of the most beautiful sights I’ve seen as the light opens up across the Chisos and Chihuahuan Desert

  16. The first time I did that hike I had been hiking all day and thought it would be a good sunset hike (thought it was really short).

  17. All of this evangelical tent-preaching woo-woo is based on the the book of Mark, including snake handling and speaking in tongues.

  18. Man this place use to be RAMPANT with low life’s and prostitution in 08-12

  19. Not that I ever looked into it, but I always thought this was a really high end place but now I see units selling around $400k... that is way less than I was expecting. Such a good location.

  20. 10ish years ago you could buy some smaller units for low 200s.

  21. I got a 3/2 house for $92k back then in a decent area, that would have still been expensive for me.

  22. Don’t get caught staring at the crypto dumpster fire’s billowing black smoke, that’s not the interesting bit. There’s a separate smaller part that is valuable and has the capability to make a big difference.

  23. What part, what part is that? As a software engineer that is absolutely intrigued by databases and database engines all I can say is that if there is some amazing part of blockchain, it has not been written yet. This code does absolutely nothing that cannot already be done with existing technology, most of it that has been available to us for 20 years or longer.

  24. Usually a few times a year Galveston actually turns blue or really close to shore will be blue. Has to do with the currents. You do not have to go far off the beach to get to the blue clear water.

  25. I am further East, past the reservation. Been here about a year and while it can be a cultural shock (I come from Houston) for the most part it has been fine. I moved out here for similar reasons as yourself. I have a well and no water problems (have got it tested twice and came back fine both times -- though I did add a 3 stage filter to it just to make it as good as it can get).

  26. Oddly enough my speed has increased 2 - 4x over the last few weeks. I used to think it was my setup but I have done nothing different. I think it was a issue with their base station being over loaded.

  27. I do not know of any package at the top of my mind, but if I had to come up with what you describe I would just create a table with cell ID's and set the property of the cell to contenteditable="true", then use some javascript to go back and collect the contents of the cells based on the id's.

  28. Thanks, thats probably getting closer to the solution i need, i updated my question with more details and what i think the view code should look like (still needs some work. )

  29. Got lost in the update to the description, but

  30. Look around for used panels. I got some 225 watt ones for $60/each and they still put out 170 - 185watts on a good day). Way better then spending $60 on a 100 watt panel that only gives you about 80 watts on a good day.

  31. $60 off on Amazon at the moment (brings it to $240), another $15 off if you have the Prime card. All in I paid $225 per unit. The UPS I was looking at was $220... this just seems so much more useful.

  32. I think one of the biggest regrets I have of my career is losing my TS/SCI clearance.

  33. My biggest regret is not getting out of government sooner. =P

  34. I don't regret getting out of government work, just losing the TS/SCI clearance. I could have easily doubled or tripled my salary for the last 10 or 15 years working in the private sector with the skills that I have.

  35. I was a 35-Series MOS in the army with a TS/SCI clearance. I would be in jail forever if I did this. This is insane.

  36. I watched a helpdesk tech get walked off the floor for accidentally troubleshooting someone trying to use a computer on SIRPnet. We all had TS/SCI but were forbidden from working on those connected systems. Nobody ever saw that dude again. Sad part it was probably something stupid like a printer jam or locked account.

  37. I so miss that! And the odd hamburger patty with it's unique flavor that I've never come across since.

  38. I miss the cinnamon rolls and weird liquid cheese chimichanga things. The breakfast pizza was also something unique.

  39. Cut it in half and give it back to them. They can request a new one.

  40. I would put it through a cross cut shredder and return it in a zip lock baggie.

  41. I once was at a dinner party where two kids were fighting over who got to take the Lamborghini to prom and who gets stuck with the Ferrari.

  42. Move them to the opposite end of your property...

  43. It’s funny that you think these people have a logical reason for spending more money. Having dealt with the public over the years I can guarantee that most of these people are paying 20 cents more for no reason at all. A lot of them are paying the 20 cents more and then going inside and complaining about how the price is 20 cents lower down the street.

  44. This is me. I don’t pay much attention to gas prices. I’m high income and the total difference between gas stations after filing up probably isn’t more than $5. I just pull into the place that has the smallest lines and the best looking convenience store

  45. This is the same reason why I tend to shop at higher priced grocery stores. It’s not that I like spending more money, it’s that I don’t care when the alternative is trying to get into and out of a Wal-Mart type store in under an hour.

  46. People forgot what Dial-up used to be at its best.

  47. I remember the first time I was able to listen to live radio via dialup with "Real Audio". It sounded like a bad phone call over my 28.8k modem but it was the coolest thing ever.

  48. Reminds me of my first C class in high school. We had these Windows 3.11 machines and it took like 30 minutes just to compile a hello world console app. Every day was just typing a few commands, and then compiling to see if it failed. Classes were only about 45 minutes long so if you made a mistake you had to wait till the next day to fix it.

  49. I'm lucky in that I was able to get solar - 1714 kWh used, 1,254 kWh generated. $79.85 bill, minus $79.85 in carryover from excess solar produced in the months before = $0.

  50. Man, I want solar but I cannot justify the cost (unless I go full whole home + battery solar but that would really be for my convenience and really not worth it compared to getting a normal standby generator).

  51. Reduced/eliminated tax incentives and changes to net metering have basically demolished any benefit of solar unless you're planning on staying in your house for the duration of the loan term.

  52. The new solar credit is less than it was last year too.... the better investment IMO would be sealing, insulation, windows and replacing old AC / water heaters / appliances. There are new tax credits for those too -- but the amount of people who qualify is pretty narrow.

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