1. Give us specs on the build, i’m trying tocfigure out how to build something similar on a government length frame

  2. This was a government frame with full length dust cover. I cut it flush to the slide, move back the rails and recoil shoulder and bubba’d in the rail slots. Most of the internals are fusion firearms. The barrel is a sig 3.25 in 9mm and slide is from specter supply from gunbroker.

  3. Moved back the frame rails about a hundredth? It looks awesome!

  4. Yeah, roughly. I use a 21/32 counter bore and file to clean up the top and reshape the rails.

  5. Can anyone in good conscience recommend a Fanny pack?

  6. Honestly my wife Carry’s in this for my daughter’s version of scouts, but I don’t know if they are still sold.

  7. I genuinely don’t know, why are lasers dumb?

  8. Because there only serious application is use with nvg’s.

  9. Just vacuum in sync with his snores

  10. That’s really funny! I saw him snuggling with his blanket and covered him up not really expecting him to stay like that, and when I walked by again he was snoring!

  11. Gosh I don’t know, but looks just like my home boy Winston!

  12. He’s a pyr mix but we don’t really know with what. He acts a lot like a Dane so we thought that for a while, but he stands and is even sort of built like a pit bull. We just need to get his dna tested.

  13. am i the only one to think these frames look like 💩?

  14. Thank you. I’ll admit my holster isn’t great, but it hangs in there.

  15. If that’s your holster budget, check out bravo concealment. You can get a great holster for >$40 or an owb and iwb for under $70.

  16. https://www.triarcsystems.com/product/centrifuge-2011-tri-11-magazines/

  17. Thankyou for the thought but seeing as that deal is only for Law Enforcement or Military, I am kinda out of luck.

  18. You guys are gonna make me buy hipoint and a chevette…

  19. Nice! Did you buy that claw as an extra attachment? Do you carry appendix with that setup? I’m looking to carry 4 o’clock

  20. That was an extra that I had, but they do sell there own now. One thing though about the way mine is set up as a sidecar, they don’t have a mag holster for the plus, so I just used a Glock and cranked it down to fit the plus mag.

  21. Probably not necessary, but for $10 you could try with and without to see what’s better for you.

  22. Slimmer profile. I have a C2 and I'd get one if it runs. I have a ton of shield mags, I just don't trust them. Maybe they could be tuned tho 🤔

  23. Even if you use the factory Glock mags, your still looking at 10 rounds flush fitting in an officer/defender grip length.

  24. I’ve been watching these too. A double stack 1911 that takes mags that are both widely available and not $100? Yep, no mixed feelings here.

  25. This is Yoda ' You do want to sell me that frame" lol j/k well maybe... that top right what parts? slide and frame is it? Pretty sweet collection you have going.

  26. Thanks! The top right is a sti blem 80%. The slide I got from spectre supply on gunbroker and the barrel is a sig 3.25” from cdnn. Most of the internals are fusion firearms.

  27. I have to say that's the sweetest build I've seen yea the race guns are cool but that little guy just holds a place nicely done sir

  28. It’s just now to the point where I can install all the parts. Still a lot of detail filing and blending but it’s coming along.

  29. I mean it’s cute, but I don’t think I could date it…

  30. I think he’s missing the point of transitioning….

  31. It’s an old style STI 80% with the rails and dust cover cut down to accept a 3.25in barrel and slide. It still has quite a bit of fitting left.

  32. I wish I knew. That’s a nice looking slide.

  33. I have put a few hundred rounds thru a csx and a shield plus with apex trigger. They are both good (I think great for the price) The $3200 msrp on edcx9 just doesn't make sense to me, but I have yet to get my hands on one. Dan Wessons are $2kish

  34. Yeah don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t pay it either. I built all of mine myself, so I’m still basically in to them for kimber and Springfield prices. The Wilson you are taking about specifically though is a really unique design. Almost like a sig 229 with a 1911 trigger and I’m pretty sure it takes Walter ppq mags.

  35. 229 & 1911 & ppq all-in-one... I want it even more.

  36. You can however get a RIA 10mm slide and barrel for around $200 and build out a 2011 frame for it

  37. Have you tested that in the dark? I would be concerned the muzzle would cast a shadow.

  38. I think you could easily widen the rear serrations and match them using the same patter but and angled in the front. And by pattern I think you would end up with what the old para’s looked like.

  39. Like this but assuming you are starting out with GI serrations, the rear would be vertical

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