1. Like others have said, depends on the current mods and what you want it to look like. I would rather change a few worn out parts than pay to buy and install lift,tires,wheels,bumpers,winch etc... All of that shit adds up, 80k miles is nothing if the vehicle has been taken care of.

  2. Busch wildlife has alot of fishing pressure, I haven't had alot of luck there. I fish alot of park lakes and have a retractable rod and use a bait caster on it. I have a little soft sided tackle box and my rod an reel snap on it so I can put it on my back and ride my mountain bike to multiple ponds. Chartreuse spinner bait, black buzz bait, plastic frog for poping around moss and plastic worm assortment set up on a Texas rig. Need to fish in early morning and evenings, fish stop biting in the afternoon. These things are not the "bible" , just how I was taught. Fishing lures are always changing.

  3. Don’t buy these foldable phones!My screen is cracked on flip3 , had it 9 months. See how the warranty visit goes tomorrow. I learned my lesson on foldable phones. Wife wants me to go apple, this might send me over the edge if they don’t warranty my screen. $1000 = 9months. Love the foldable design, but this is ridiculous.

  4. had my phone for 12 months. no issues. love it

  5. Man I love the foldable design, fits in my pocket. Battery life isn’t good, which is a trade off. I have cracked 1 screen in like 5 phones. I have taken extra care of this phone. I am going to be pissed if they don’t warranty it.

  6. Southwest has apprenticeship. Need your A&P and work there a year depending on department.

  7. Since I assume you are in Dallas, SWA has an apprentice program (after you get your A&P). You have to work there a year I believe. Hell you could probably get a job in IT with them while you are getting your tickets. Other airlines might have this route also. You need to work on a certain weight of aircraft to get a job at most airline, apprenticeship gets you that.

  8. We are on overtime when we leave and get paid until we get back to our station. No per diem, turn in a expense report and get reimbursed.

  9. A little confusion perhaps. The MEL itself is written by the manufacturer. The defect when noted is written up usually by the pilot, and then deferred per the MEL, usually by maintenance. There are some items that the MEL allows the pilots to defer.

  10. Correct, probably 60% of them do not require maintenance (just an estimate). Like a seat belt for a passenger seat, the pilot can just inop the seat per the Mel and wait till they get to a maintenance station to get it replaced. It is not uncommon to have an aircraft flying with 2 Mel's all day long till it stops for overnight maintenance. Anything on the plane that is not good will be mel,cdl or mxnote depending on the airlines maintenance program.

  11. Lmao it’s not abnormal to have planes flying with 6 MELs for a week.

  12. Ha ha, I agree. In our program NEF items get an mel. It's stupid but that's how they do it.

  13. Last job I was working on fleet trucks. If they are really bad we would make someone from that department clean it out. I usually just push the trash out of my way and give it back to them with there filth in a pile on floor board/deck whatever.

  14. I second the vacuum brake bleeding kit from harbor freight. Plus you can use it to suck out other fluids,container is decent size.

  15. Clean, blow out the bleeder hole and reuse. Sometimes u need to use a drill bit to clean out the junk in the center hole.

  16. Follow the money and benefits. Southwest does not "haze" anymore. Couldn't really call it hazing before. It use to be a "work hard,play hard" environment with premium pay. Now new management and different times.

  17. idk man I'm not big into companies that act like fraternities, i get paid to show up n turn wrenches. i dont have the energy to frolic with dudebros anymore

  18. I am not saying go to swa. I'm on my third airline, the only people I have seen fired on probation are shitty mechanics. Do what is best for you and yours, these corporations don't give a shit about you no matter what propaganda they put out. I have made lifelong friends in my airline career at multiple airlines. If southwest works best for you, don't worry about the "hazing" because that's bullshit.

  19. Check my previous post its getting tugged and the tug driver went to fast it seems so it the bar snapped while plane was in middle of the turn and plane went into tug

  20. I doubt I would spend money on a lawyer, but I would go to the old place and walk in , have a few choice/professional words where everyone could hear with him. Cutting him down with a well put together discussion with no violence and cursing is mint!

  21. My guess would be poor fitment from the spade of the fuse to the socket in housing which is creating heat/melting. I would think if it was drawing too many amps it would pop the fuse. Cut an old fuse up and use the spade to do a friction test into the socket.

  22. Usually don’t need one if you have the correct fuel line and its a barbed fitting. I usually use stainless steel safety wire like a hose clamp if I am worried about it coming off. This looks like a lawn mower? I would look at jacks small engine parts and look at a parts diagram and see what is oem.

  23. I have alot of .032 safety wire laying around. It works great for stuff and you don't have to worry about it corroding or getting brittle.

  24. I have seen a requirement to replace both nose wheel tires at the same time, but never seen a requirement to do both main landing gear tires at the same time.

  25. We change nose in pairs and main has to be changed both on the same axle if one tire has too low of pressure.

  26. Stupid question but I always see aircraft tires that are never perfectly wearing, is there a way to adjust the alignment at all on aircraft?

  27. I cannot speak for all aircraft, but with Boeing narrow body aircraft I have never adjusted main tire alignment.

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