Sebastian Vettel announces retirement for end of season

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  1. We used to be a classy fan base that only threw dildos on the field!

  2. A great reminder of the golden era of UB hoops. Losing Nate Oates was a real blow to the program. Alumni arena was electric at the time and closest thing to big time college sports the area has ever had. It would be nice to again have a program as exciting and relevant.

  3. Having Oates build on the momentum they had going from the Hurley years was huge for the program. Unfortunately they seem to have lost a lot of that these past couple seasons

  4. Two weeks isn't enough time for your body to be fully adapted. From my experience you'll feel normal on your rides again after 6-8 weeks. Until then just keep it lower intensity.

  5. Will be out there to ride next month, can’t wait!

  6. I feel bad because I always rooted against Seb A) because he was dominating all the time at Red Bull when I first got into F1, and then B) He joined Ferrari and I just don't like Ferrari lol.

  7. I wish it was on free TV here in the US to get more exposure, but I paid the $5 for the month for Peacock so I could stream each stage and support the event.

  8. Yeah, there's definitely some doubts on Mr. Bolt

  9. Yeah this is what I was thinking of, yet a new world record gets set and goes unquestioned, while a cyclist just wins a race and is accused of doping.

  10. I don’t get how cycling can’t shake the doping stigma.

  11. IMO it would cast a shadow over what has been one of the most fair-played tours. I feel like it would ruin the good vibes this tour has given the spectators.

  12. Oh I agree, I don’t ACTUALLY want to see it happen. But this thread might crash reddit if they actually did that

  13. True, it's like when you know something would be bad for everyone involved, but you still kinda want to see it happen just for the drama and shock factor😆

  14. Gold medal on an MTB, world title in CX, TdF stage on the road.

  15. World title in CX only because Wout and MVDP didn’t race…

  16. Is this stage on YouTube TV for anyone else? I can’t find it

  17. Got bumped to Peacock for Golf. It’ll be on USA at 3est I think

  18. Except its winter for almost 6 months of the year.

  19. Which isn't any different than a good number of the places mentioned in this thread

  20. Yeah, I absolutely love her work and I follow her substack and read everything, but my only issue with her is she seems fairly trusting in regards to doping, and she's definitely had some moments on Twitter where she's gotten annoyed when people suggest some of the Slovenians might not be clean.

  21. I tend to defend cycling against people who brush it off as if everyone is doped to the gills like back in Lance’s day.

  22. This is exactly the attitude we bitch about drivers having towards cyclists in the road

  23. Damn Pog called Ving the best climber in the world right now lolol

  24. Shades of F1 a few years ago when Mercedes would talk about how good and strong the Red Bull or Ferrari cars were when we all knew Mercedes was going to dominate anyway.

  25. I imagine this is how non-Froome fans felt when he dominated, but at least he looked vulnerable at times during a GT.

  26. I felt at times Froome won without really doing much. Just sitting behind his team and cruising to the win.

  27. Does Cort being in polka dots help EF accumulate points to avoid relegation, or only if one of their riders holds the jersey at the end of the tour?

  28. How the hell do you get a fake passport and cosmetic surgery in that short of a timeframe?!

  29. The driver had a medical emergency while driving. What would you suggest calling it other than "a bike crash involving a vehicle"? Seems like a weird nitpicky thing to get upset about.

  30. "Bike crash involving a vehicle" sounds like the blame is on her. As if she's the one who crashed and the car couldn't get out of the way in time.

  31. Its not a word you say accidentally if you're not already quite comfortable using it

  32. I was just thinking the same exact thoughts. Like a person's life and decades of hard work shouldn't be lost for a moment of ignorance but also how hard is it to not say that?

  33. Things like that just don't slip out if you're not a person who doesn't regularly say them. It's not a moment of ignorance, its a moment of his true self being exposed to the public.

  34. I’m an American living on the east coast and I prefer races that aren’t in North/South America because I like the early morning start times. Ironically it looks like the Vegas night race will be one of the worst ones time-wise for me next year.

  35. That’s how I got into F1. I love waking up on a weekend morning and having live sports to watch.

  36. They’re teammates. Guy in yellow is the team leader going for the win of the overall multi-day race. It would have been a good move for him to let his teammate take the win on the day in this situation reagardless of the RPS outcome due to the work the teammate has and will continue to do for him to try and win the overall race.

  37. As mentioned by many others im sure, but my favorites are:

  38. I love Phil’s books and his stuff is great but VCs vids are better IMO. Great RECs!

  39. Yes! Phil’s books are great! Quick reads too. I wish VC would get back to making more “regular” videos instead of just big race/adventure videos. But the quality of what he puts out is so high that Ill watch whatever he posts

  40. Okay this whole narrative from yesterday about McLaren is so dumb. The opening stint Norris was stuck behind Alonso. There's no reason to switch him & Ricciardo when Ricciardo will be stuck in the exact same spot. Then once Alonso pits there is damn sure no reason to switch them because that's exactly when Norris needs to push. If he wants any hope at an overcut he can't be wasting a second to do a switch with Ricciardo.

  41. What's the point of having them on opposite tire strategies then?

  42. It’s because they put it on USA and didn’t advertise it. A lot of people just check NBC in their guide.

  43. I turned on the TV to try and watch it. Scrolled through the NBC times lots and didn’t see it. Didn’t even occur to me that it might be on USA.

  44. The red helmets should be the throwbacks now. Retire the standing buffalo.

  45. F1 cars make Indycars look like they’re moving in slo-mo on road courses. I’m sure if F1 made a car for ovals it would be as fast if not faster than Indycars

  46. But in order for F1 to properly make a car for ovals that would be quicker than an indycars they would have to massively change the formula. They get as trimmed out as they can in the current formula at Monza and have only met 231.5mph. 3mph slower than Dixons 4 lap average speed at Indy qualifying this year and 13mph slower than Conor's trap speed on fast friday

  47. Monza, which…isn’t an oval. It’s just stupid to say “Indy cars are faster” when using an example of a specialty type of race one series doesn’t even participate in. My only point is on a circuit they both race on like COTA, F1 is far faster. And with the near unlimited spend on engineering and design in that series, my money would be on them being able to make a faster car for an oval too if they needed to.

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