1. How long until it got reinstated? Facing this issue now and just submitted

  2. As I recall about a week - maybe two.

  3. I have had this happen a few times now. I had to submit my LLC paperwork then it got reinstated. Also had client sites get disapproved in certain industries like Plumbers. They frequently get flagged by Google.

  4. I had the P6 and now the p7Pro. Loved them both. Not all the bloatware I use to have on my Samsung's. No issues at all.

  5. I would add horner with add on blocks. I like Astra as well as oceanwp

  6. I was hoping the slow introduction of Booth would allow him to actually heal up. But seems like new stuff keeps popping up. Hope Evans is back this week.

  7. You're probably using WiFi calling on T-Mobile.

  8. I use wp-rocket almost exclusively. Helps my sites a TON. I recommend it. Better than the free ones - especially with their lately changes.

  9. My personal site took a big hit - Web dev/seo. I was in the 1,000's of impressions now around 100 per day. I figure it's probably because all my location specific pages are basically the same content. So redoing those.

  10. This is old recommendation. However, if it occurs naturally as part of the writing process nothing wrong with it. Just don't force it so. You don't want it to seem unnatural.

  11. Never bothered to look into it. No one legit guarantees it.

  12. Looking for a plug-in that can do this kind of thing.

  13. Many great suggestions below. Screaming Frog and Longtail Pro are both great. I love the

  14. A little better. Not where it was but some improvement

  15. Still way down but slowly ticking upward

  16. You can keep people entirely away from the admin area, yes... you should google 'wordpress block admin area' - and see the hundreds of ways, and help articles, on how...

  17. I did but weren't what I was looking for at first. WIll dig futher.

  18. I found the User setting to uncheck the "Show Toolbar when viewing site".

  19. link-assistant has a pretty good database of backlinks. Although very different from Google's.

  20. My impressions have plummeted by 100 fold. From 10's of thousands to 100 or less.

  21. That’s rough. Have AI or programmatic pages by chance?

  22. None. What I do have are a lot of location specific pages that have basically the same content on them. Not sure if that's it or not.

  23. Most titles are set on the page itself. Hard to know without seeing the technology behind the scenes. All custom or wordpress or wix or ? Either way if you set the title for one page you can set it for each.

  24. Edit or Quick Edit on each page should allow you to edit the Title.

  25. No - default WordPress editor. You can get additional add-on blocks beyond the default set. In fact Kadence has a plug-in with more Gutenberg blocks you can use. It's very good.

  26. Are you trying to rank nationally or locally?

  27. I have never been below `1,000+ impressions per day and last 6 months 10k+ per day but on Sept 7 I have dropped to around 100 per day. Huge drop.

  28. My site got hit hard. I have never had impressions be so low. I am going to go back and start rewriting pages to see if I can get my rankings back up.

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