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  1. A Wreck from Potbelly. Turkey breast, hickory smoked ham, Angus roast beef, salami, swiss. Add bacon lettuce onions mayo tomato Italian seasoning and oil. Ranch to dip in.

  2. Journey, The Beach Boys, The Beatles

  3. Actually go to class. Also don't wear sweatpants on your first day. Do wear sweatpants everyday after that.

  4. Ok I just booted the game up. It's just part of the six original backgrounds that came with my game on Xbox. Maybe it's only on Xbox?

  5. I play on Android and I own the DLC seasonal backgrounds but don't have this one.

  6. It might be only on Xbox. How many total backgrounds do you have? Including the seasonal dlc, and the ones from the EU expansion, I have 17

  7. Just counted mine and I have 16. Probably only missing this one :(

  8. Josh Allen jersey that my gf got me for my birthday. Go Bills!

  9. Josh is so much fun to watch. Bills are one of my favorite AFC teams (born and raised in WI, so I'm a die-hard Packers fan). Props to the Bills Mafia!

  10. Packers are a fun team too. I've always liked them since they're a similar small market team like the Bills. I got to see an Aaron Rodgers Hail Mary live a few years back!

  11. Facebook. Deleted my account a couple years ago and have not missed it at all.

  12. Chipotle sandals for a friend's bday gift

  13. Thanks for all the great questions and insights! Your work here was appreciated. Take care of yourself.

  14. My wife crushes me at polyomino games but I still love to play them.

  15. Not to squib kick with 13 seconds left

  16. First experience was Mario on NES. Played every day

  17. Awesome! I went to the Double Dare Live tour a few years ago. Got to go on stage with Marc Summers and compete in a mini game. Childhood wish come true. It was super fun. I'll always love this show!

  18. Will it be available for Android today?

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