1. IF you get a large return you aren't doing it right.

  2. Keto hasn’t helped mine at all. And I’ve been keto for most of the past ten years.

  3. “Random membership verification?” I’ve never heard that term before, but they can’t check you out unless they see your membership card and verify by the picture it’s yours. The register literally won’t let them scan anything until they input your membership (either by scanning or by entering the membership number). That guy wouldn’t have been allowed to check out. (I used to work there).

  4. Many stores now have self checkout.

  5. You have to use your card to check out. He wouldn’t. Seems simple. I just have them scan the app. I have never seen anyone able to check out without presenting their card in some way.

  6. At self checkout you could easily use a friend’s card and then pay them back later.

  7. If you do all the activities in option 2, you already have a startup.

  8. As an English speaker learning Italian, trying to figure out the right preposition to use is a challenge. There are prepositions that map to English equivalents, but only about 75% of the time. The other 25% seems almost random.

  9. It’s a solution looking for a problem.

  10. Can you refer me to your doctor? I’m looking for one that doesn’t use statins as the first line of defense. Or even then tenth.

  11. I don't understand your question. What "method" is needed to give someone a % of shares? Pick a number and execute the transaction. You can decide to impose a vesting schedule or not.

  12. sorry to break it to ya but that ain't no queen's guard

  13. I mean not touching the guards or their horse makes sense, but plenty of the stuff the queens guard does is just assault for the sake of tourism.

  14. 4g would have been an error. 14g is more like it.

  15. There are too many variables to give an actual answer.

  16. You will need to buy trip insurance. RC offers it but there are also private companies with different coverage. Also, final payment isn't due until 30 days before. And book a refundable cabin.

  17. Trip insurance would not pay out just because leave was denied.

  18. In my opinion, pellet smokers just don't get hot enough to be good grills. That being said, I have a Traeger and have been happy with it. But I only use it as a smoker.

  19. I started studying Italian 2.5 years ago. I have probably averaged an hour a day for that entire time. I am just now crossing the border from B1 into B2.

  20. Yes. If you didn't have any glycogen in your muscles you wouldn't be able to do any fast movements or lift heavy things. Your body will use sources other than dietary carbs to ensure your brain, muscles, and organs have what they need, and some of them can't rely 100% on ketones for fuel.

  21. I don't understand. I want duolingo to tell me when I am making an error. Otherwise, how will I learn the language correctly?

  22. It’s like prison. On embarkation day you need to attack a weak cruiser to establish your credentials.

  23. Throughout my career I have been in engineering management, leading teams that develop products. Since those teams are rarely all in one place, i travel A LOT.

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