1. That dodgy ash that everyone's mad about: drops from a Cavalry dude in a tough midgame zone, in an out-of-the way corner, only at night

  2. That cavalry dude is harder than most of the non mainline bosses tbh

  3. my mans... that haircut needs some love, like 2 steps away from being a Q-tip

  4. Could you have given us like 10 more pixels in this screenshot?

  5. Any tips with Trev? I am a greedent main and everytime I use trev, I just get washed and can't really get the rhythm.

  6. If i get some chunky tips back. Never could make the thiccmunk work for me.

  7. https://www.reddit.com/r/PokemonUnite/comments/wgwegp/comment/ij2o63h/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

  8. Save for tyran. But im 90s kid. So im influenced by gen 1+2 overflow

  9. Your video isn't even example bro xD, scope was useless in that moment xD

  10. you really don't know what you are talking about. Every hit on that sylveon was a crit. There is a 1s cooldown on scope lens so I think he hit the scope lens procs. Scope lens adds a TON of damage to crits (12% boost and an additional 75% of attack)


  12. really, we need a buff to defensive items so we can see more build variety

  13. So far, this is the thing that worries me the most about terastalizing.

  14. In singles at least they can ban overpowered mons, vgc on the other hand.... RIP

  15. Yeah Instead of All rounder i'll start to play as it Defender I can make immobilize with Leech Life wait what if there is Slowbro Telekinesis and Buzzwole Leech life they can make you regret for playing this game

  16. its so frustrating that hes not a defender. His kit is honestly defenderish

  17. Then just play him as a defender lol

  18. he is frail and not really balanced around that though

  19. Yea. Its all about timing and the way he just animates his whole body into an entire expression. Love me some Jim Carrey

  20. I think if he came out today people would hate it. He was a relative pioneer for the style and we weren't flooded with it so it was funny but he popularized it and the imitators made you get bored with it

  21. The info is neat but this guy seriously needs to take things down a notch.

  22. He is trying to be Hank Green but with WAY too much energy

  23. its so frustrating that they don't ban him from ranked for the first 2-3 days of release so ranked doesn't turn to garbage

  24. Why? Buzzwhole can 1v1 almost any melee attack Pokémon and offers great support with its seemingly infinite cc. I can’t think of a point in a match where this Pokémon isn’t good it has great early game a mid game power spike and is great at zap cause of cc. Buzzwhole seem obesely broken could explain why you disagree

  25. Buzzwole seems too squishy for team fights which are the most important parts of the game

  26. I would love to get a surprise release of a pokemon from gen 9 that hasn't been revealed yet

  27. Clefable finally, please? But I understand we may be getting Alcremie instead. I wish Arcanine was also introduced. And since Alolan Ninetales is the only regional form available to date, I want Galarian Farfetch’d to destroy the enemies as Sirfetch’d.

  28. We have enough pink blobs lmao (alcremie is fair though since she is cake shaped)

  29. Indeed it was I applaud you mosquito in a suit is the only good thing to come out of the anniversary (and hat crustle) dodged a bullet there really

  30. We got 6 free mons and they are unloading emblems on us like crazy. I have enjoyed it personally

  31. thank god, I didn't want to have to play 20 games of this garbage ass game mode

  32. William Harris, FY21 Base pay $110,585, OT Pay FY21 $152,381. Total FY Pay: $262,966. And considered blacklisted. How in god's name do we let this happen, he's not even the only cop making over $100k in OT.

  33. why the fuck is a Police Officer making almost 3 times my salary as a software engineer when we can barely pay teachers to survive :/

  34. it doesn't fill any of the niches that pult fills lol

  35. I like it as a once every other month kind of thing. Too much would get stale

  36. I was honestly disappointed by the truth or burn challenge. None of the guys answered any tough questions, and a bunch of them weren't even shown answering! There are ways to answer shitty questions in a way that doesn't make you look like an asshole, and all these guys took the easy way out by saying it was "gentlemanly" not to answer. I call bs.

  37. It felt a bit sociopathic for all the girls to demand and laugh at the boys in pain from the spicy foods

  38. That cliff hanger pissed me off so bad even though I knew it was coming and if I’m honest with myself I know Peter is an F Boy but I can’t help it. He’s too damn hot. And usually I am not attracted to F Boys. Aaron, Ilon, Dewayne, Jabraine and Asante are more my usual type. Nice guys who are kinda shy

  39. Is he actually that hot? I saw it in episode 1 but honestly he acts like a child and his haircut looks like a Lego piece with how it's shaped

  40. TRUE, I would be SO much more hyped with this if it had no restricteds

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