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  1. Good post. He really isn't anything special. Very poor last night against USA.

  2. Hahaha of course items were found at his home, not that he owns a home since clearly he’s a little bitch. Smart guy keeping the items at his residence bahahaha what an idiot

  3. I lost all empathy for criminals somewhere along the way. I don't think they can be "saved," no matter how much money you throw at the criminal justice system.

  4. Same. Don't always agree with cops. Very far from it. Something a detective said in a book about policing in America (read it years ago, can't recall the title) has stuck with me. I'm paraphrasing but only a little bit. By the time they're twelve, thirteen - forget it. You can't reach 'em. Thugs for life.

  5. Carry On Screaming. No contest. Worth watching to hear Fenella Fielding's voice. And those curves...

  6. I can't name her. Really. What if the security guard was only 50 per cent correct (ie, Saville)? Wouldn't be fair on the woman (who is still alive).

  7. I applaud your adherence to the principles of innocent until proven guilty.

  8. Yes. She was remarkably beautiful in her prime. What a smile!

  9. What a lovely comment. I wish everyone on Reddit was like you.

  10. Anyone who recognises Diane Keen for the great beauty she was has fine taste. She appeared in an episode of Minder in '80 or '81. Wow! She was - to my eyes - as lovely back then as any woman I've ever seen, including icons like Catherine Deneuve and Kate Jackson. Just so pretty and so feminine.

  11. I had no idea until I saw this post. Congratulations on being part of the problem.

  12. The ending is deeply unpleasant (if you are rooting for Kong, which I was), agreed. The cinematography is bloody beautiful, though.

  13. I'd say the 76 movie. It's got this pre Star Wars 70s pessimism to it. No fun dinosaurs, the love story ends in misery, we feel the loss of a natural wonder of the world and its all our fault. It feels like something bad could happen at any moment.

  14. 'We feel the loss of a natural wonder of the word'. So true. The ending is desperately sad and leaves the bitterest of tastes. The most involving movie I've ever seen.

  15. King Kong 1976 all the way, for so many reasons. The Jackson effort is a travesty. The 1933, while visually impressive for the time, displays no empathy for Kong - and Wray's relentless screaming is irritating. What is wrong with her? Can't she see that Kong loves her?

  16. Yes. My favourite movie of all time. Saw it on the big screen in Liverpool early 1976. The finale atop the Twin Trade Towers was bitterly bitterly sad.

  17. when this movie came out it was not beloved. it was a huge stinkeroo.

  18. One of the great all time movies and one of the all time true tear jerkers.

  19. Agree. Helluva powerful experience on the big screen.

  20. Being asked to explain things at work sucks the life out of me, even when the question is asked in an amiable non-judgemental way.

  21. Even though it 'wasn't as strong' I find nothing in the whole spectrum of cultivated top shelf plants comes even close to the kind of high I got from that. It was such a playful, mellow high, and you still felt it hours later. You'd be in a store doing your grocery shopping and be like "Shit, I'm still so fucking high!"

  22. jharish is right. The mersh grass I used to see (sadly haven't seen it in 20 years) would often (not always) launch you - and keep you happily high for hours and hours.

  23. ALL the stuff from today comes from some of this. Say what you want about looks, but that shit would launch you. Old school sens, Thai, Oaxaca.

  24. Know exactly what you mean. Why did all that old school stuff vanish? It is - sadly - decades since I've seen sens. The last time, I shared a sens zoot with a rasta guy. I was flying high ALL night long.

  25. HPB says:

    When I was a kid it was called 'Penny for the Guy'.

  26. Living proof that the best education money can buy does not guarantee intelligence.

  27. Or that you had different experiences and perhaps both of you should refrain from generalising

  28. This attitude stinks. It's race-to-the-bottom shit. I would never begrudge someone getting help just because I'm not.

  29. Apalling that this murder has been overshadowed by the death of a 96 year old racist of natural causes.

  30. This is an absolutely vile case of police brutality. While it should be looked into, whether it was racially motivated or not isn’t even what matters most in my opinion, they fatally shot an unarmed man.

  31. Why is he still employed? Or not in goddamned prison?

  32. He has made my skin crawl since I first became aware of him. Wasn't aware of his 'joke' about killing the young drummer until just now. HOW did he land those lucrative gigs with The Time and the BBC? HOW?

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