1. huh? the 2020 wrx looks fantastic compared to this

  2. The VA looks like somebody slapped a hood scoop and a fender badge on mom's Nissan kid hauler. Dislike the 22 all you want, but ya'll are crosseyed if you think the VA was an attractive car.

  3. This sub is "flooded" with 44k window stickers because a bunch of trolls like to hate on the VB and so they keep posting shit like "WTF--the new WRX is a $40k car for only 3 more HP!"

  4. Holy shit do you remember when that was an option. Like imagine paying for electric windows.

  5. Air conditioning was an option.

  6. Sold my 18 cus I need to buy a house/trying to cut expenses. Biggest mistake as it’s not the last good wrx ever

  7. "I can't afford a WRX, so I will come in here and shit on people who can." 🙄

  8. What were you saying??? Sorry--I got distracted by that orange beauty in the background...

  9. At the red light, when a Mustang is beside you wanting to race, rev your engine aggressively. Look over at the dude with your game face and nod. Rev some more. When the light turns green, take off grandma slow and watch as he blazes down the road. If you're lucky, you get to watch him get pulled over by a cop.

  10. For those who don't know, you can buy a cheap

  11. https://www.ebay.com/itm/165484066038?mkevt=1&mkpid=0&emsid=e11051.m43.l1123&mkcid=26&ch=osgood&euid=1df3be7a76bf4f91aa184c9c6c5c8942&bu=43194513639&osub=-1%7E1&crd=20220726110246&segname=11051

  12. The bulk of WRX owners did not pay $40k. 🙄

  13. Many did though. Just a brief look at what they're going for around my area and 6/10 of them have an MSRP of 38k+ which is over 40k OTD. Paying 40k for a 2022 VB is not unrealistic at all

  14. Totally not unrealistic, but I don't think you could say is the norm when looking at national sales stats for 2022. At least 60% of the 22s sold will be Premium and Base models. I don't know where you live, but there are lots of Subaru dealerships not marking any new Subaru over MSRP. I'm sure that is a regional thing for you, but it's still not really accurate for people to keep calling the VB a $40,000 car when over half of them MSRP under $35k.

  15. Compare this interior to something like the new civic si and big yikes

  16. no one wants touch controls for temp. Wish companies would just stop this shit or make it work 2 ways.

  17. You have the option of both the physical buttons or the touchscreen for temp controls on the 22.

  18. Actually, he was already married before he started streaming. What happened to make him go on hiatus was the birth of his second child. I'm holding out hope that he'll return to streaming when his life settles back down.

  19. He was one of the most entertaining livestreams to watch.

  20. If it's driving normal until you hit boost, it sounds like you have a bad coil pack. Borrow a good one, swap it for the back coil pack on the passenger side. That's the one that commonly goes bad. (Turbo heat gets 'em.)

  21. Get an aftermarket downpipe and a custom tune, and it will feel like a different car but still be reliable. (Assuming you're already starting with a reliable engine.)

  22. Yeah when you see the 22’ in person that front grill looks VERY reminiscent of those Taurus models.

  23. Because the grill is soooooooooo different than the VA one...🙄

  24. dodge is killing off all their muscle cars in the coming years, these are all swan song cars

  25. Dodge currently sells two car models and an SUV. That's it. Look at what their lineup was 10, 20 years ago. The Challenger and The Charger look just like they did years ago. Because Dodge is part of a bigger company, they can drag this performance thing out a little longer than Subaru, but the brand's days are numbered. Ram Trucks is already being split off and separated from Dodge. The Dodge name will soon be going to pasture with Oldsmobile and Pontiac and AMC...

  26. The angle of this photo shows how damn sexy the hood lines of the 22 are.

  27. Looks great. Congrats, and welcome to the fold. 👍

  28. Noticed this as well. Was parked on a slight incline, so maybe a factor?

  29. I think pulling the plug was done in the 11th hour.

  30. This story is one I have encountered again & again. No parts availability, just quit buying cheap light kits & the problem will stop.

  31. We're not mechanically inclined in the slightest, but buying it back and selling the parts might be an option. We're just thinking what's the next vehicle at this point. New body has a face not even a mother can love and she put so many mods and a tune on it

  32. I don't know about you but in my area you could probably get people to come to your driveway and part it out themselves.

  33. Start talking to local car people and find out the legit best shops at paint matching. Typically, the shop insurance recommends you use is not that shop. If you have to drive out of town for exceptional paint matching, do it. "Close enough" is what a lot of repair shops hit, and that will not cut it for a brand new car.

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