1. Someone been stealing my mail! First I think it’s Bill, but then I think- “can Bill read?”

  2. No, the worst mistake was playing Google Translate out-loud in the public library

  3. When Todd’s on trial for copyright infringement for Disneyland

  4. Help setup dinners and help with degrees if needed. A JS doesn’t really have much to do.

  5. Knowing my luck I’ll be sitting in as Junior Deacon most of the time

  6. I know how to program a VCR, give me a fucking medal

  7. Jane’s Crazy Seasoning salt. That’s all I need, and a perfect savory way to eat it!

  8. “Oh you’re gay? So is my friend! You guys should totally start dating since you have that in common!”

  9. I was at a club in my hometown, mostly populated by college kids.

  10. I think that might cheapen the impact of Hollyhock cutting off Bojack. The way she drops out of the show entirely as Bojack is cut off from her puts us in Bojack's shoes and it hits harder because of it.

  11. Easy, I moved a few states over during the start of the pandemic and haven’t talked to them since. Miss me with that QAnon bullshit.

  12. If you’re watching a movie or show, turn your phone off. Even glancing at it occasionally is enough to pull you out of a movie and causes you to rapidly lose interest.

  13. She’s worried about her showing so much skin, yet she’s like 95% forehead

  14. My older brother spend Thanksgiving and Xmas in detox seven years ago. We were all thankful he went, and it’s been a blessing having him here ever since.

  15. Zero reprimand? Isn’t she no longer famous?

  16. No prison time,never charged,has a film coming out next year,still at the top of the charts,new album....

  17. Do you think he was only using marginalized people the whole time, or do you think he actually had good intentions, at least at the beginning, albeit making him a white savior?

  18. We won’t ever really know. I truly believe that he believed in helping others, but he also had a habit of targeting marginalized people because they’re easier to control and retain. Ie., when he was a child and the older kids were put off by his behavior, he’d start roping in the littler kids. So uh…yeah. Hard to say. Maybe a chicken/egg type of thing.

  19. Ahh I see.. it makes sense but also what makes it's all interesting. If the temple hadn't ended up the way it did, perhaps he'd be considered more as morally gray rather than pure evil.

  20. We remember Jonestown, but we don’t remember him integrating Indianapolis in the 40s-50s or giving poor, elderly people nursing homes free of charge. The Temple was a resounding success in its own right. Had Jones been a humbler man willing to listen to reason and take criticism, he would’ve been remembered as a saintly man.

  21. Comment’s gone and I already know what they said smh

  22. I like Rian Johnson, but Knives Out was stupid. No idea how it got as popular as it did.

  23. "Thematically meanderin'... that's textbook panderin'!"

  24. Like Mike’s Evander’n, Fuck your ears, I’m panderin’

  25. I walk and talk like a field hand But the boots I’m wearing cost three grand, I write songs about riding tractors, From the comfort of a private jet.

  26. I had a friend message me out of nowhere one day, “Hey, uh…I need to ask you about something. It’s not super important, but it’s about something [friend] just told me.”

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