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  1. Location is needed as some states will have a dedicated Department of Labor for you to make a claim with for unpaid wages.

  2. Dude here, I have to adjust my underwear after almost every squat or deadlift set. The bottom of the boxer briefs ride up high and get awkward.

  3. When I worked there, my paychecks were a couple months late. After I left, he sent me the rest of my paychecks from March to May and I noticed a couple were missing. I keep track with my calendar and it was pretty easy to notice. What advice do you guys have for me? I have a feeling he’s not too keen on paying the owed wages.

  4. 5:16 is ok. I would shoot for a 4:00 or below as a training target.

  5. I only have about 100 miles (pavement only) on them.. the same cracks happened on both shoes.. is this a common issue? thanks

  6. i think its because your legs extend early therefore you dont have the bent knees in the power position to produce that pop. i dont think its a bad thing tho if this technique works for you

  7. +1 on this. An exercise worth doing even as a warm up with an empty bar is the power position clean. Maybe something to consider.

  8. I get you man! My first running shoe was the Duramo 6... I get shin pains everyday til they felt numb! I thought they were normal :')

  9. Damn. Im a beginner and im starting out in the really cushioned tempo next. Is that a bad thing?

  10. https://www.caranddriver.com/features/a15131074/how-to-adjust-your-mirrors-to-avoid-blind-spots/

  11. I really like the Nordic Lifts from Amazon. Really tall shoes but kind of unstable when walking. Stable during my lifts tho.

  12. Maybe get the peg 36 instead? I’ve heard they are still better than the newer models.

  13. Saw the cool cushy shoes on YouTube and I had to have them. Might as well run so I can use them.

  14. What size are you? I have a used pair of Vaporfly %2 I could sell. Only 1.33 mile.

  15. Wanna go back and grab me a pair? These are still $375 Canadian on the Nike app. Geez

  16. 10.5 if you can legitimately find some at a discount for me and are willing to ship em.

  17. I think most of us are just collecting shoes and not running all that much 🤔😉🤣

  18. I’m a beginner and only recently got into running so I can wear the AF

  19. how do I get you to get me pair and I etransfer and pay for shipping lol

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