1. Far-right shitheads looks like Charlie Kirk clones.

  2. Notice the subtle positioning of their thumbs…

  3. Damn, took me a box of Juniper for an Inteleon alt. Thank you for your stats, don't push yourself too hard with it lol.

  4. I heard that, but I only saw an English option for the audio

  5. Go to the bottom option of the movie, with the info, and there's the Extra features section. That's where the Comanche audio is at.

  6. Hahahaha, Trump is the one that made removal of classified docs a felony in the first place.

  7. Exact reason I chip to my local party. Local infrastructure matters, it's the foundation.

  8. A worthy investment that pushes lens and imaging technology to new frontiers.

  9. Add another "Family Values" Shitty Republican Christian onto the list of sexual deviants.

  10. Based on his background, he's Dem but a close collaborator with Gov Bevin (R).

  11. He can still be put on a blacklist to stay away from though. He closely collaborated with previous governor Bevin too. Just so we know who to stay away from.

  12. I'm a frequent flyer and optimistic that something passes but it will not be close to EU261, which means it likely won't affect meaningful changes in airline practice.

  13. Yeah hopefully. I'm sure you get the staffing deal going on too (since I figure you are RN based on your username, I'm an RN too). Also, happy cake day.

  14. I blocked the notifications, I know the messages when they come out come from right-wing trolls.

  15. Sounds like Human Instrumentality Project doesn't it?

  16. Unless it was all a simulation Arnold and Ford ran before every opening the park.

  17. Intel CPU falls for AMD CPU, but both families are against it, so they turn themselves into Snapdragons so they can be together.

  18. Nvidia RTX series 300000 incoming

  19. What was 10 boxes is now a dozen.

  20. So Donald Trump purposely held at least 12 boxes of classified material from officials, even after the FBI came before and he knew he was supposed to turn it over. Sounds like MAL deserved to be searched then.

  21. Would not be surprised if there's another stash in Trump Tower NY, or the NJ golf course.

  22. I wonder if it's gonna be staffed with a bunch of stupid kids doing stupid things.

  23. Cringe 4 Healthcare Initiative

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