LPT: Adopt an adult dog from a shelter if you want a companion but don't have time/ patience to train a puppy. They are already potty trained in most cases and love you all the same.

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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbsnews.com/amp/chicago/news/cta-red-line-trains-diverted-to-l-tracks-downtown-amid-reports-of-smoke-in-subway/

  2. Thanks, on mobile couldn’t figure out how to get a regular link

  3. As with any hockey analytics, it’s hard to imagine being able to capture a players worth with numbers. (Like baseball)

  4. As a bad goalie who has only played recreationally for 10 years, I absolutely take credit for many shots that hit the post or go wide, and I applaud other goalies for the same. Not in every case, but in many cases the reason they hit the post or shot wide was because I was out far enough and at the correct angle to where they had no where else to shoot, so when they still shoot it I take credit that I made them take a hail Mary shot at what is likely no room due to my positioning.

  5. I’m a small goalie, so I have to be aggressive and come way out of the net, so positioning has to be perfect otherwise you accidentally leave half the net open.

  6. I never thought about this so far. Would these things matter if I take my boat on a smaller inland lake but not like Lake Michigan or anything that size?

  7. Smaller inland lakes you need to watch your depth of course. Lake Michigan you really need to be aware of the wind and waves. Storms can whip up quick and being stuck out in 5 foot swells in your boat would be miserable.

  8. The LIV tour pays big money for bogey golf

  9. There's a lot of shots of Mike Trout that belong on this sub. Like when Maddon intentionally walked on bases loaded.

  10. Poor dude is slowly dying inside all season as he realizes, despite being one of the greatest ball players of our time, has no fucking chance of a playoff run with this angels team.

  11. Illinois has the death penalty but there's a moratorium. Sadly he'll probably get life in prison.

  12. Illinois does NOT have the death penalty it was completely abolished in 2011

  13. A multi time 40 goal scorer is a multi time 40 goal scorer, but a 1st round pick can be anything. It could even be a multi time 40 goal scorer! You know how much we wanted one of those!

  14. Agree 100%. I hate the notion that we have to trade the cat to rebuild. He can very much be apart of the rebuild….him and Kane are pretty much the only working parts of the team.

  15. Yep or when people are visiting from out of town

  16. I pretty much only eat it when people are visiting. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love deep dish but it’s a treat not a regular thing. Way too heavy/expensive to eat all the time.

  17. Massively oversimplified and doesn’t really fit this situation. This is small group dynamics, communism is generally referring to entire economies.

  18. Barn swallows indeed. Amazing aerial hunters, they will help control bug populations and you get to watch them zip, dive and swoop all around while they catch bugs mid-air.

  19. There's gotta be more than one hospital by that name. I just refuse to believe we're all thinking of the same place.

  20. Probably not more than one at 1044 Belmont in Youngstown, Ohio

  21. Most of those blue states don’t even make their own food and are dependent on other states for water. Your perception of power is quite off. If you really think of red states in the way you described them here, you should humble yourself and read some Tzu.

  22. Um pretty sure California is by and far the largest producer of food consumed in the US. Most red states don’t actually produce anything that the rest of the country needs. If California decided to stress ties to the country, the rest of the country would be fucked very quickly.

  23. Is there an easy way to look it up/a good website? I hate not having it, and the Google search doesn't show the stats like it does for Baseball games =( Score is only half the story sometimes

  24. I just check on the (otherwise terrible) nhl app

  25. Recommend sitting one section up in the 300s some of my favorite seats in the house are the infield 300 sections. Unobstructed, great view of the whole park/city, less lines than the bleachers, and the seats are cheap.

  26. The whole point of adopting an older animal from a shelter IMO is you can actually choose the personality because they are old enough to have formed it. Puppies/kittens are a complete gamble since you have no idea what their personalities will be. Sounds like your in laws chose poorly, don’t direct people away from shelters just because not every animal in them is perfect.

  27. Agree. You can really screw up training a young puppy, causing them to have obedience issues for their whole life.

  28. These barn swallows pick the same ledge on our house every year to build a nest and rear their young. It’s really magical to watch.

  29. I wonder if “and I don’t live in a hotel.” Was improvised. Comes out of nowhere.

  30. It’s hard to tell, everything he says seems like it’s right off the top of his head, but yeah that one might be improvised

  31. Y’all know that Augusta practically rips up and re builds the whole course every year right? This is all routine maintenance as far as Augusta is concerned

  32. Thanks! These Sparrows have been dive bombing near where the nest used to be. I wasn't sure if the Sparrows were his parents or if they were trying to kill him. I wanna take him to the local Wild Life Rescue when they open tomorrow, but I read some places don't take Sparrows because they are considered "pests" I'm glad its not a Sparrow now, I just don't want him to die either way.

  33. Swallows do the dive bomb thing. They are aerial hunters and I have a nest outside my house, the two parents swoop in and out all day.

  34. You can decide whatever you want. there is no such thing as enjoyable time watching golf IMO. PGA seems as unenjoyable as LIV is.

  35. Lol ok buddy, I think you stumbled into the wrong subreddit though. You know this is

  36. Yup, love playing it. Watching it is a snoozefest past 5 minutes.

  37. Well then your opinion is completely invalid. Not to mention blatantly incorrect/moronic.

  38. Now don't take this the wrong way, I'm not pro-Saudi Arabia by any means...... this is just an honest question. How is it different to take money from LIV, than to take money from NIKE or any other major sports brand? All parties have dubious human rights records but somehow its okay to earn billions from them. I realize this is not exactly the same, but I don't hear people complaining about that, is my point.

  39. It’s really not the same as other sports with multiple established leagues. LIV is not interested in growing the game or making a product that is enjoyable to watch. Anyone who enjoys watching golf will find the LIV to be a joke. The players don’t care about playing well because they’ve already got their pay checks and there is no cut. They shotgun start everyday (meaning some players start on the 10th hole) which is just….not right. And there’s no cut so there’s not much motivation for the players to play even halfway decent. They get their paycheck regardless.

  40. Minneapolis. And looking at the numbers, the city is actually pretty small!

  41. Minneapolis is a cozy city and seems like it would be a nice place to live if the winters weren’t even longer and colder than here lol

  42. Who cares what inning it is? These guys are professionals playing to win and the hitters job is to get hits.

  43. Agree. Would be pretty bogus to give up on hitting after the 7th just because you don’t want to hurt the pitchers’ feelings.

  44. That is literally the definition of a perfect bunt with runners on 2/3. I was expecting to see some shitty fielding but wow not really, just a perfect bunt

  45. I think these amateur events are the best golf viewing if they come to your area. They are usually free to get into and such close access to the players.

  46. Agree. Went to a Korn Ferry event in my area recently and had a blast. Free entry and got to walk right next to the players as they hit their shots.

  47. The cutoff can be whatever you want. 50, 100, 130, 200. I’m saying that the PGA can be more supportive of the massive pyramid of golfers and caddies lying below that figure who are part of the organization but have to take 100% of the risk. Golfers have to pay their own entry fees to enter a PGA tournament. It’s ridiculous.

  48. There’s inherent risk trying to make it in any major sports league. You have to prove you’re capable of performing on the big stage, you can’t just walk on the tour. That’s what makes it special, you’re truly watching the best of the best of the best.

  49. That’s absolutely true and it’s a problem without an obvious solution, golf is inherently expensive. Courses are expensive to maintain, clubs are expensive to make, it’s not expensive for no reason.

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