1. I saw him open for Phish in April of 1994. So, like 4 months earlier.

  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this kind of misguided? Apples don't really breed true from seed, do they? My understanding is that they hybridize too easily.

  3. Something about that is just terrifying to look at. I don't know why.

  4. The missing element here is: what is the historical age of these various legends, and how many shared examples of it can be attributed to sharing of ideas / stories from cultural interaction?

  5. This will depend entirely on who you have available to do the work.

  6. So is Chris Pratt going the way of Kevin Sorbo and Kirk Cameron?

  7. Entry level pay for an archaeological field tech depends mostly on three things: who the client is, where the project is, and who the employer is.

  8. Agh the one time I don’t search the subreddit is the time where it’s been previously asked the most! Thanks for the answer and the resource!

  9. To my recollection, the closest that anyone has gotten to actually verifying-- or at least, attempting to verify-- the potential historicity of a set of ancient stories / oral histories is a linguistic / folkloric study that was paired with a reconstruction of ancient coastlines and the timing of sea level rise along the Australian coast.

  10. Author turned that paper into a book, which is aimed at the general public. Quite good.

  11. Oh, neat! I wasn't aware of that, might have to check that out. Thanks!

  12. So... I'm a CRM archaeologist with fairly good GIS background and experience (self taught, but I've had a lot of time to learn / experiment).

  13. I don't know what other options there are either, I only know the very basic biological ones. But I was wondering if anthropologists would generally follow the biology on this issue, or have their own ideas.

  14. What other ideas would anthropologists possibly have that would be supported by science.

  15. Sometimes there are just posts / threads that make you wonder if some people exist just to test the patience of the rest of us.

  16. If you really want to be able to change lanes in traffic, the best choice is to not put on your blinker, because that's like blood in the water to Cincinnati drivers, who will actively move to block you from merging.

  17. I think this is something people would say for every city due to a few assholes out there. I actually think overall people in Cincinnati aren't that bad about this.

  18. I've lived in-- driven in-- quite a few cities around the US. And since moving here, I've actually had to spend a significant amount of time on the road around the country.

  19. Short men are the most oppressed group in America but nobody cares

  20. There's a very real and very vocal (but probably not that big-- heh heh) group of guys on Reddit who are absolutely convinced that their height is the reason they're not with a woman.

  21. To clarify: it certainly matters in the sense of reconstructing human behavior and the history of our species and related species.

  22. A lot of assumptions going on here, and I'm sure you don't intend it, but I'm reading a somewhat patronizing tone. I'm genuinely interested in this matter. One can intellecualize a personal dilemma, if that wasn't possible we'd be in big trouble. If I wanted advice I could go to one of the many relationship subs here.

  23. All valid considerations but what constantly gets lost in these debates is how many OTR buildings were >vacant< by the time a series of events triggered, finally, real traction in OTR's ultimate revival: Buddy Gray's death in '96 followed by the killing of Timothy Thomas and the subsequent riots created the conditions that finally forced ReSTOC to begin selling its ridiculous number of stockpiled properties (and it was revealed they'd actually been decreasing the number of occupied units all along). This myth of a densely occupied OTR in which all is residents were forced to flee is exactly that, a myth - the neighborhood was at its lowest number of residents in its history when those three events triggered the changes that supported conditions favorable for the turnaround.

  24. The way to help fix gentrification is to build more and denser housing which, I have noticed, results in a pile on, on this sub and elsewhere.

  25. Yes, but with the caveat that the only way for that to be an effective solution is if the people who occupy that housing also have reliable transportation to their employment. As long as employment in cities doesn't pay sufficiently for the employees to live within walking distance of their jobs, transportation will be an issue.

  26. Not especially, even for acoustics. People make a big deal out of laminate vs. solid wood sides, but my Taylor 214ce is a laminate-sided acoustic (spruce top) and I think it sounds great. For reasons of guitar quality-- a sub-$500 acoustic just doesn't have the tone / feel / quality that I want in a guitar, typically-- no acoustic that I buy is going to be made with a laminate top.

  27. Note that the modern-day distribution of above-ground structures, especially megalithic structures, depends heavily on the degree to which those structures have been protected from damage and / or reconstructed.

  28. Can I build a shed over a grave? Wouldn't have to be dug up at all.

  29. I know how strange it sounds but its kinda interesting to see the history behind a grave i think the us is full of rural victorian era graveyards with history to uncover

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