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[Heyman] Breaking: Carlos Correa and the Mets have a deal. $315M, 12 years.

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  1. Vladdy doubling down on his hatred of the Yankees is kind of funny tbh.

  2. Guess the Marlins like Arraez more than Gleyber.

  3. They seriously need to start matching salt papi against opponents on his level, but good for him, because he's making dumb amounts of money fighting novices instead.

  4. The dude he fought was one of the better influencer boxers out there. Way better than the scrubs KSI been fighting

  5. Domingo is better than him anyways

  6. looks like more drama tonight lmaoooo

  7. If BOS wants to do something stupid, I say go for it

  8. Did they make a black dude say there is a war on white men? Lmao

  9. This was before he got his gap fixed.

  10. Are we better? Rodon sure helps, kahnle as well, but this is essentially the exact same offense, no?

  11. Better, yes. But we still get smacked around by the Astros.

  12. Get ready for Aaron Hicks szn ya'll

  13. He had a bad first two months, but made the adjustment and played great afterwards.

  14. Ladies and Gentleman, we got him.

  15. Doesn't feel like many more points are being scored from either side


  17. TLaw starter here.... see ya'll next year.

  18. How does Frankie Montas, IKF, Donaldson, Andujar, and Hicks sound?

  19. Cashman: We running it back, surely, this time will be different.

  20. Please tell me this is a Bubba Crosby situation

  21. Oh shit. I forgot the press conference is today..... CAPTAIN JUDGE

  22. Someone must have hacked Heyman’s account right?

  23. same offense, different day. sigh

  24. This is a fucking joke right……….

  25. Ultimate karma if he ends up losing a bunch of money.

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