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Thanks I hate people who leave their pets

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It’s been a while my friends…but it’s finally time for another strong move up. GME 9/21EMAs crossed to the upside today. Yellow arrows are the other times GME has crossed to the upside this past year (look what normally happens immediately afterwards) 🚀Buckle Up👨🏼‍🚀🌕

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  1. Yes. It’s the best way to store bikes. I have a few currently inside on front and rear stands. To be honest though, the Grom is so light it’s not going to cause a flat spot that won’t resolve in a couple minutes of riding anyways.

  2. The great reset is no joke and well documented. The world will struggle and be offered an easy solution and we'll all lap it up. And the noose will tighten. The funniest thing is it's not even conspiracy. It's a documented plan but we're all too busy to care.

  3. This is the shit that gets the sub stamped with the “crazy” label and causes people to avoid GME altogether. Believe what you want to believe, but talking about New World Orders and The Great Reset on here is a good way to scare people off.

  4. Do you possibly know how to turn it off or where I could find that information? Ive google my ass off and cant find anything.

  5. They are over kill. Mine were nail magnets, too. But I prefer my Continental AS much more.

  6. Allows your front turn signals to act as running lights which they do from the factory, I recommend you add that option

  7. It does that by including an extra harness that they call a Running Mate. I haven’t had any issues out of mine.

  8. Sitting at a red light on my motorcycle, I look over and the guy next to me is getting head from a prostitute and he looks terrified about it.

  9. I got a 99 cent bottle mini of vodka for Christmas from my MIL one year. I don’t drink.

  10. It's honestly been kind of crazy to watch the tech-hype and renewable energy spheres on youtube get less and less interested in Tesla as a brand as Musk makes more and more public appearances.

  11. Appreciate the help guys! Gotta get my hands on an air compressor so I can do a flush, I’ve bled the brakes but I’m almost positive there is air stuck in the line because the more I bled them the less responsive the brake became.

  12. I assume you’re also adding fluid as you bleed them yeah? And you should secure the line behind the rearset.

  13. Yep, got a check valve and all but I think it’s from setting my Grom down sideways in the car after my accident so there’s probably some serious air in that line, gotta get the bike master tool

  14. It's a closed system though so air doesn't just get into the lines without there being a leak or something. Setting it down sideways shouldn't have affect on it. And the fact that you bled the lines and it got worse seems to be a telling sign that there is a bigger issue here.

  15. In my city we have in home pet care including end of life service for pets. They’ll come to your house and put your ailing pet down while you hold them in their familiar comfortable surroundings.

  16. We did that for one of our cats, it was much more pleasant for her compared to vet clinics. I highly suggest this for anyone that can do it.

  17. But there are quite a few crosses on your chart without yellow arrows...

  18. Lol ignore the ones where it crosses mid cliff fall. I’ll believe it when I see it. So dumb.

  19. I've thought about this more than a few times, but the end result is still a nail in their coffin.

  20. Your yoshimura canister bracket needs to be behind your rearset, not in front of it. That’s why it’s twisted more towards the ground.

  21. No wonder it doesn’t look flush 😂😂😂 goodness thanks

  22. You're not the only one to do it so don't fret it. It'll look a million times better once you get it moved to the back.

  23. Are you able to eat any prebiotics with your florastor? Like banana or something else light for the gut to digest

  24. I believe sweet potatoes should have prebiotics - you might have to google that. I would start the day/breakfast with the combo of 1 capsule of florastor/culturelle with banana. I didn’t go with the recommendation of 2 per day - wasn’t sure what that might do.

  25. Thank you for the insight. I'll do some reading and adjust my food so I'm hitting those points. Thank you again.

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