1. 2020 classic wow after losing my job and living back home was prob some of the most fun times of my life. Felt like a full time job with discord acting like slack but boy did I make some of the genuine friendships I have ever made and loved just vibing in Azeroth with a lot of different kind of folks all dealing with the pandemic in their own ways in their respective region.

  2. Of course it will konami needs to make sure the next selection pack sells

  3. I have a theory Konami realized how easily f2p MD is so now instead of backtracking on gem rewards, they are releasing pack after pack of meta material decks so ppl who want to stay competitive are forced to buy gems due to just a resource shortage trying to keep up with daily gems only.

  4. Y'all just hate every tier 1 deck. It's the same discussion since the game's lauchs.

  5. Actually, for me it is the first time I am complaining. In Branded Swordsoul meta I also wrote, that we have a realy good meta rn. But in gerneral for this sub, it might be true.

  6. Right?! Despite how annoying swordsoul is, it can be argued that is the most balanced high tier deck from a pilot pov and an opponent one. I really loathed it’s consistency way back when but it was more out of envy than hate.

  7. Branded was a really healthy tier 1, fun, back and forth and short plays. This is just pain back to back sitting and watching them make your turn unplayable it’s almost masochistic lol

  8. It is when they do best bae underworld and it disrupts certain types of activations from the card you have on the field that is being used to simp for underworld

  9. Just craft 3x dark ruler no more

  10. Ugh I wish, been procrastinating on that, spare just a crumb of ur sir? Lol

  11. Also think the logic is to counter runick deck burning

  12. Just entered plat, 4 out of 5 duels have been some sort of flood gate runick combo :(

  13. Not OP, but, I currently work in production and feeling burnt out after 4 years. Was thinking about copywriting as I prefer creative and directing.

  14. Trust me, the counter to runick is not running a deck with 7 different one-ofs… but, if you wanna go through with it…

  15. Hey thanks so much for this, nice breakdown and totally illustrates the issue. I got really excited and crafted/pulled punk cards, are they just beat used as pure? How are you enjoying it?

  16. Too many engines, too many bricks. I recommend pk+tour guide+psychic for a quick otk or pk+danger for rhongo

  17. Will tour guide mean including burning abyss? And I can add psychic on top of that? Thanks for your help!

  18. Look, my board of negates is the secondary wincon. My primary wincon is making you scoop out of boredom watching me loop Morphtronic Telefon as much as physically possible.

  19. Lmao that’s my current win con with code talkers in the new event

  20. This guy needs the validation of believing he knows something the common masses don’t and he’s some main character in one of the too many movies he watches. Sad!

  21. I find this sort of cringe, everyone here makes their deck based off master duel meta and actively is there for anything master duel. This guy maybe a good content creator and all but dkayed at minimum keeps a solid base of average to casual players coming and making some of your games interesting. Gate keeping is cringe bro

  22. I do love me a going second First Dark Lord play using Darklord Morningstar as material and watching a full board just disappear.

  23. Would this play well against swordsoul? Reckon it will at least limit their output for one turn?

  24. So is a runoff good for warnock? I’m thinking walker got help from kemp when voters just voted down the ticket. But at the same time the independent also took away votes.

  25. Well now that kemp is off the ballot it looks good for warnock.

  26. I used to play a lot of WoW classic and we had this one guildie who was known as being the "rich" guy i.e. always had a of of expensive pots and mats, spent hours farming everyday.

  27. Republicans had made it clear if they win the majority, they will not work with the Biden presidency. Anything he planned on fulfilling within this term would effectively shut down and to compromise Biden would have to humor potentially scrapping elements of social security, medicare and other social programs that ironically benefit the bulk of republican voters the most.

  28. Hillary conceded defeat in less than 2 days. Trump still hasn't, years later.

  29. Notice how this person deflects before ever acknowledging anything that is being spoken about and keeps trying to shift the conversation to try and place themself in some weird advantage even though they keep putting themselves in a worse position?

  30. frobidden droplet doesn't target, and the first darklord only protects against targeted effects

  31. Don’t you have to select the target you want to use fd on? Isn’t that considered targeting? Thanks for your answer.

  32. An important interaction is how Targeting vs Non-targeting works.

  33. Thank you so much for this in depth explanation! Been playing since launch and started as a yu gi boomer. Feel pretty adept at this game but now realizing there are a lot of rules like this I need to learn. Really appreciate the time you took.

  34. If you had a clue what capitalism is, you would understand it needs consumers. Without consumers, it will not grow. So, your sniveling about capitalism wanting poor people doesn’t jive.

  35. But america doesn’t alone exist in capitalism. Methods of control to keep ppl poor benefit the ruling class and keeps them getting richer. Call it a conflict of interest, but these ppl rather do away with it all if it meant keeping their wealth and status.

  36. At this point I make Firewall +heatsoul going first. Draws you intro Handtraps and has a decent-isch disruption. Arrival on turn 3 comes mutch more devastating.

  37. U can make Arrival 4k + Heatsoul too, just need the starter + 1 extender

  38. Alternate but with with ignister you need to use the right to ensure you can get arrival at max attack since dark infant can only shift left to make space for 3 monsters from dark Paladin’s effect.

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