1. The comfort of the first step I took in a 350 blew me away . Foam runners are somehow even more comfortable for only $80 .

  2. The quality of materials and richness of the dyes is fucking beautiful.

  3. I sold my off white dunks for like 250 a few weeks after release because I got ea but didn’t think I’d wear them much . Person never paid . Huge mistake on their end .

  4. Ming to his wife upon exiting a closet with spray paint all over his face whilst his house is on fire and she tries to call the fire dept : “Put that phone down bitch!!!!”.

  5. I feel like dunk lows fit very tts . Not much extra room . Though I’m only familiar with xt large mens sizes.

  6. Oh I used to serve the woman who played Jan and her family all the time . Super nice and tipped really well.

  7. Wave runners are the truly tts Yeezy . Fit looser than the 350 by a significant amount in my experience . I would not size up on them .

  8. When I hit on Yeezys they arrive insanely fast here in SoCal . Like one business day. So it’s possible they arrive despite the tracking lag .

  9. Some sizes of the Volts are still available on Sneaker Politics, Lapstone & Hammer, and Undefeated sites.

  10. Nice pair of shattered backboard jordan 1 highs. They sell for over $1,000.

  11. Not a guaranteed 100% L, as I’ve hit on Yeezys when the bar is stuck at the end . Just like 95% an L .

  12. A wild day . I took 13 L’s straight in a row . Spend the day watching Confirmed , adidas and Yeezy supply . Streamers will stream the whole event on YouTube and you’ll see everything going down in real-time . A good way to catch W’s sometimes. I watch Roszko.

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