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  1. If you get the target red card (debit) it’s an extra 5% off and free delivery (on all target stuff).

  2. Don’t play the game - watch the cutscenes movie instead! It’s a well programmed Aliens sequel with some decent voice over 😊.

  3. They weren’t there to rescue the colony, they were there to pick up xenomorphs, fewer people, less cost.

  4. I know. I merely thought Wey-Yu might have used that as an excuse too the USMC in procuring the ship. "Oh, if there's a problem on the colony, we'll have the space to evac the colonists."

  5. Sounds about right - then they had the space to either evacuate or use the ship as a staging post to collect more Xenos / build a larger mission (check out intro for Aliens Colonial Marines).

  6. Tore the ligaments in both wrists from a bad fall. Skated to the end of practice. Was out for 3 months. Healed now.

  7. I own a Breville express. I gave up on the steam wand. I bought a cuisinart frother - works for ice coffee and cappuccinos. You can’t make latte art with it but oh well.

  8. If we launched in the next 5 years we can probably have a probe there in 3000 years or so.

  9. Unlocks a whole new level when you step on the geyser.

  10. It’s a 12 month trailing metric. Look at the last 3 months.

  11. My sons been playing for a few years, here’s how I’ve learnt to guide my behavior.

  12. Pilates - Weights - Interval Training - Stretching.

  13. Thank you! I’m not feeling confident enough in myself to do that much just yet, but I’ll keep pilates in mind. Never done them before.

  14. Pilates is awesome for ice hockey muscles - deceptively simple body movements that activate muscles you never knew you had…

  15. I’m mapping nebulae thousands of light years from sol. Kinda peaceful out here.

  16. He’s smoking a cigarette out on the open space to avoid smoke detectors and to not have to go down to street level to smoke.

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