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  1. Interestingly, my EV reduced my gasoline consumption by 100%.

  2. How many men are going to send this link to their significant others?!?

  3. “Sorry lady, I can’t hear you with your nipples assaulting me like this. “

  4. My favorite Jackie Chan movie is Wumbo in the Bronx.

  5. I love when Jenna preps her for-sale-online “worn” panties by swiping the crotch of each one with a greasy summer sausage to add a little meaty flair.

  6. The reason she chose to insist that the other neighbor is correct is that she just doesn't want to pay.

  7. absolutely this. The guy next-door for me constantly harangues me about the property line he regularly tells me that I’m responsible for certain things that are clearly on his property. He’s 80 years old and an asshole. The neighbor next to him who’s known him for 30 years says he knows damn well where the property line is and he’s just hoping I’ll pay for stuff because he doesn’t want to. He figures I’m young and dumb and will fall for it.

  8. put up a security camera outside that barely faces her porch , run that feed directly to your TV while you’re gone. When she snoops in your house she’ll see a recording of herself looking into your house. Maybe? lol me personally id just walk around butt ass naked which is completely legal , and honestly she can’t keep complaining when she’s looking into YOUR house. Walk around naked , wait for her to see you (if you’re comfortable with that) then call your landlord immediately and tell her that your neighbor is snooping on you while you’re in your house naked. EDIT: Yo? 1k likes? just wanna say thanks and be kind to ur neighbor or wtf ever

  9. I used to work with a guy who went to prison for walking around inside his own home, naked. Some preteens across the way saw him do this repeatedly as did their mom, and they called the cops on him multiple times. He went to jail and was eventually put in prison. This was 20 years ago, but I believe the issue was that it happened enough times that the DA argued that he was purposely exposing himself to children.

  10. Abortion is wrong but killing them outside of the womb is ok. /S

  11. You mean Post Natal Abortion? That’s legal.

  12. You only need to provide a cat flap on one outside door. Now you can raise orphans like the livestock they are.

  13. I dunno man, I tried that and the little devils kept eating the cats food. That shit is expensive.

  14. Do Not, and I cannot possibly stress this enough, Try To Fuck A Hippopotamus.

  15. Same applies to a Dependapotamus. Don’t do it.

  16. I used to shoot these types of portraits, around the same time period. Let me say that it was just as uncomfortable for me as it was for them.

  17. if that man wasn’t there to save that dog, it would’ve died. Frenchies generally can’t swim.

  18. TIL there was no smoke and a pancake in Europe before the discovery of the New World.

  19. I've since been told it lasts for a week and you have to tell her again.

  20. I’ll set up a routine to redo the command once a week, thanks.

  21. There's always money in the banana stand

  22. 😂😂 no but I am known for being naked on international television Although I’ve been on a entrepreneurial podcast nearly naked once Oh and I did a press interview naked in LA; that one was totally nude 😂😂

  23. Alternatively, when we are living in a sun bleached burned out hellscape where we are all slaves to our Walmart appointed orthodox ministers we won’t look back at the past. The past is when heretics questioned the great Orange father. Thinking of the past is not allowed and our Samsung thought detection bands shock our brains to maintain absolute indifference.

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