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  1. I have never seen one of those before. What a beautiful motor!

  2. Thanks! They basically built the same engine with minor variations from the late 20s all the way up into the 50s.

  3. Maybe this means I need to get a bike? I got the dog. Although I am unsure as how I am going to ride with a Doberman. Maybe one of those side carts haha!

  4. There ya go! Funny you should mention sidecars, because these Panthers were designed to pull sidecars, and most of them left the factory in Yorkshire with one attached. Some were big enough for three passengers.

  5. Not a doctor, but I’d recommend only running around the house with a pickle in their mouth from this point forward.

  6. I miss those places. Around campus we used to have a Kentucky Fried Taco Hut.

  7. I also had a Kentucky friend, but she moved away.

  8. We use Freedom Units when danger is involved.

  9. Traction control doesnt help in this case, you would need AW. Also this is a SC59 Fireblade so no rider assists available.

  10. My point still stands. If I push the single TC button on my bike to off my bike wheelies. With TC on it does not. Beside the technical points, anybody that does what that idiot did in this video definitely needs traction control and definitely needs to keep it on.

  11. I sure hope that somebody is standing behind Donnie in that picture on the left. Otherwise, nice luxurious locks my man. i’m seeing the Dan next week! Can’t wait.

  12. I used to work on the PC of our CEO, who ran a $2 billion a year 65,000 employee company. His first name is Robert, and his password was Bob. He bragged to me about having to start at the CTO with getting an exception made so that he could have a three letter password.

  13. I came in late one night around midnight and my mom took a pot shot at me, thinking I was a burglar. The 38 caliber round was imbedded in the door trim about 3 inches away from my face. My mom was 65 years old at the time and the gentlest person. But she had been convinced by the news that she was in danger and had bought a handgun and never told me or my dad. Pure chance that she didn’t kill me that night.

  14. Really nice, about 65° to 85° during the day depending on altitude, and in the mid 40s at night. Despite the drought there’s actually been some light rain for the last month or so up here. So lots of growth, flowers and mosquitoes!

  15. Thank you! I thought you were joking around until I googled it.

  16. Kind of like Rosemary's Baby? Hope I don't find any underground Satanic lair

  17. Ours is under the floor of the under-stairs storage area. Blends right in with the wood, if you didn’t know it was there you wouldn’t know it was there…

  18. Honest question, do you know that font just by seeing it?

  19. I mean, yeah, he did that, but I'm French and he was definitely not making illusion. His character was someone who just uttered some French words with terrible pronunciation, and if none could say he was English, nobody could pretend he was French.

  20. Thanks, it's all in the chins

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