1. More like shattered my dude 😎

  2. It’s not required in PA. so now I have holes in the front bumper

  3. Shitheads at CarMax did it to my SS before I picked it up

  4. Well if you're gonna do it, don't have the green LEDs come on until at least 5k rpm dude

  5. Didn't even drop a damned thing !

  6. The triple beeps means error writing to card. My A129 Pro Duo setup does the same things

  7. Probably a bunch of open diffs though so not even close

  8. Anyone else experiencing this where apps are taking months to prompt for updates?

  9. Yeah, Honda Pilot, just like it says

  10. Well Barry does enjoy a donut at the very beginning of S01E01 lol

  11. This should be able to be read over OBDII right?

  12. If you're not into the Ford Maverick you wouldn't be into a Ridgeline

  13. You haven't listened to the new Smile album?

  14. 2.3 Ecoboost. I’ve got exhaust and a intake, planning on a intercooler and charge pipes soon.

  15. Sounds pretty sweet, are you going to lower it a bit as well and go full street truck?

  16. Melly season approachin'

  17. Is there air pressure at all in those things lol

  18. Honestly this was a video about staining some wood. Not one to gatekeep but... Yeah.

  19. Just buying upvotes to funnel views to his YouTube channel no biggie

  20. That was the failure of the message two years ago. People claiming “masks don’t work” while being under the impression I’m wearing a mask to protect only me. Too many people don’t care about anyone else.

  21. Great, another reason to be jealous AF of Josh Allen

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