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  1. I received my tracking number for Tress within 30 minutes of receiving my tracking number for the Cradle books from Will Wight's Kickstarter. I am going to view it as a race and see which gets here first.

  2. Think about the way of king’s leather bound. Less than 30k people backed that project for a well known book.

  3. I would look at it differently. The WOK one was for a premium version of a book that has been out for 10 years, so most already had a copy of it. I would suspect that it's sale numbers are on the lower end for Sanderson as only the most die hard fans would get that. This was for 4 brand new books that weren't available anywhere else and at the time of the launch it was not known if they would ever be offered anywhere else, with 3 of them tying into the cosmere. I would suspect sales to be higher than leather-bound WOK. The sales numbers for the books isn't readily available so I don't know how many they typically sell in the first year but that would have been my guess.

  4. I think the real issue here is the same across many industries: The sales guy is not gonna turn down an unexpected 6x contract even if he knows production won't be able to handle it in time.

  5. Also some detailed sales analysis prior to launching the Kickstarter could have led to better estimates of how many they would sell.

  6. possibly, though part of the point of the kickstarter format is a way to gauge interest.

  7. Maybe though I think he has sold enough books already that it should be easy to know what the interest is.

  8. My reply is if common sense worked I wouldn't have a job.

  9. Im so gutted about all these changes, I’m thinking about bulk buying 4-6 months worth of 3.0 and then switching to something else. Would be interested in anyone’s suggestions of alternatives to huel in the uk, I’ve been looking at yfood and protein works.

  10. I am in the US and stocked up on enough peanut butter to last me until December when the announced they were stopping production.

  11. All I’ve been told in my career is that if you get the ASP and CSP, you can get those higher paying jobs but 150-200k seems very very high

  12. Cooperate level positions are in that range as well as some manager level positions but at least in the Midwest they are the exception not the rule.

  13. Out of curiosity, can I enter this field with just my degree or where is the best place to start? Thank you.

  14. Yes but it will be a little tough but not impossible. For a first job look at government jobs, University EHS positions, or jobs that are for R&D labs. They will be the most likely to value the chemistry degree. While there take plenty of continuing Ed classes and after a few years you should be able to easily switch to another job.

  15. There is no requirement for there to be first aid kits or AEDs in a warehouse in most circumstances. 1910.151 is the standard in question for this. The requirement from a letter of interpretation is "trained first aid provider at the worksite, or by ensuring that emergency treatment services are within reasonable proximity of the worksite." So if medical services are available within about 4-15 minutes, depending on the hazards present, they are not required to have things on site. But also note that the requirement is for some one to be trained to administer first aid not for a kit. There are over 100 letters of interpretation on this standard and there are plenty of other exemptions and such so it is hard to give a full answer on Reddit.

  16. It depends on how long they are not in use, the design of the building and maybe some other things. I I would ask your local fire Marshall on this. We just had some meetings with ours to discuss this in regards to golf carts.

  17. How exactly is more sugar good for me? Between this and the discontinuing of the peanut butter flavor I think I will be moving on to other things.

  18. Don't know yet. Just got in a 3 month supply of Huel so I have some time to figure it out.

  19. Oh I’m a special kind of weird that think spoilers don’t matter so I truly get annoyed/triggered/mad at the responses of ‘that’s a spoiler’ frankly if a post is about a subject in a book then the book is the subject. Having to post a wall of black text because someone who wants to talk about a subject but not about ‘that’ subject is infuriating. So yes needless to say my opinion matters not lol

  20. I am with you on this. I think this sub is way to draconian in their definitions of spoilers. As a result I don't post much as its too much trouble to figure out what someone would consider a spoiler is too much work when some even consider book titles to be spoilers.

  21. Far and away the best flavor. I might have to go try other brands as I don't really care for the other flavors.

  22. What certs and training are desirable depend on the job. I recommend looking at at job postings see what is required for the jobs you are most interested in and the taking those.

  23. Dude, fucking apply. Don't worry about the details, any company will jump at having an actual first responder on staff

  24. Maybe for smaller sites but not true in my experience with larger manufacturing sites and government.

  25. I play on the Switch a lot. As I can sit on the couch with my son while he watches Seaseme Street and still play games.

  26. If you are on track to have your CSP with in a few years then the CHST probably isn't worth it. The only reason I would see to get it is if you are looking to switch jobs soon and it is a requirement for what you want.

  27. Really depends on the institution and your specialty. I have an MS and work in EHS at research university, I would never be offended a professor job here. However I have a standing offer for a job at a local community College and at a directional state school.

  28. You are describing what I wrote about - you, an active researcher in your field, have some option to teach (likely as an adjunct lecturer) at a CC. This is the "lowest" level of entry for these types of positions in most fields.

  29. I am not a researcher. I work in a support function making sure the university is in compliance with OSHA. And I have served as a an adjunct lecturer in the past the current offers are for teaching only tenure track positions. People with doctorates in EHS type fields are extremely low so many smaller universities that are focused more on teaching than research will higher people with a masters and 10 years experience. And I have known several people who have retired and gotten those jobs.

  30. I am biased but if you are going for jobs and pay then industrial Hygiene would be the way to go. Once you have a CIH and 5-10 years experience you can earn in the 6 figure range depending on location. As for jobs I have at least 1 recruiter reaching out to me each month.

  31. The best thing I did for my mental health online was to stop caring about spoilers. Now as opposed to getting upset when I see something spoilery I think things like, wow I can't wait to see how they get to that point or that is going to be so awesome to see happen. Now I recognize this probably isn't for everyone but could be be worth a shot to some.

  32. Seems like a healthier attitude indeed! :) it's also not the end of the world to see a spoiler, it just seems like a pretty easy fix for poster to be a little more considerate 🙈 okay I'm probably poking the Downvote Dromedary haha

  33. The problem is everyone has a different tipping point on when a statement becomes a spoiler.

  34. I swear it’s over just north of Douglas and 40th where I used to live but it also looks like half of Des Moines houses, lol.

  35. This was me when I had to explain to 20 year olds what a phone jack is.

  36. My house was build in the 60's and I had to explain the phone jack as well as the 2 prong antenna jack in the wall. Then explain what a TV antenna was.

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