1. 2 days ago you had an interview about drugs, also while on acid. You either have a very interesting life or are lying :')

  2. I always think sex stuff is ridiculous and funny tripping, I'm likely to just start giggling in the middle of it like a nutcase...

  3. was pretty hot. but i was seeing all those patterns while being blind folded

  4. You can really mess your self up by taking hits in this area. Please do some research and be careful

  5. i really dont have any experience but my daddy dom has alot of experience so i just assumed its safe

  6. Please do some research yourself. Your Dom may or may not know and accept the risks but so should you. While being informed!!!

  7. Did you know there’s tryptamine on those? That’s why they instantly go fuchsia with Ehrlich! Proof is on drugsdata, 1P has to hydrolize before reacting

  8. I feel so sorry and I know this isn’t a good answer but just don’t do it to your artery if you’re having thoughts about doing your artery and not somewhere else then you really do need to get help Ik I hate when ppl say get help but scalpels are meant for surgery pls be safe

  9. iknow but last few days i just have suddenly extremely strong thoughts 2/7 about suicide. i wanna od or just slit my artery.

  10. It’s hard it really is and just don’t do it is such a dumb answer but sometimes all you can do is just try to hold on.

  11. the thing is just i fucking getting insane from the thoughts its been since i woke up.

  12. Do you not regret it when you see those scars now? The more you self harm the worse it gets, and it's a bottomless pit. Maybe visit

  13. yes i regret it alot buts its like these thoughts suddenly apeared and wont go away. its all day from waking up till sleep now. i dont know how to deal with it been years since ive cut.

  14. Listen to some music lay back relax please! you dont need yoo cut yourself anymore ! Talk too me !

  15. didnt cut for years but lately the toughts are there from waking up till sleep

  16. I like it. If you said that came off an old record, it would be a plausible statement.

  17. thankyou i just try to create the feeling instead of replicating thenotes.

  18. it would be hella expensive to import etc. but its a great sounding one

  19. Love this outfit, where can I got those socks!

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