1. I swear a lap a go, I saw Marshall’s in the background trying bottle flipping

  2. Maybe because I’m originally from NRL country, there (seems to be) is a lot less yelling going on

  3. I’ve seen clips and such but will give it a whirl

  4. Came to say the same. Electrolytes, it’s what plants need

  5. Well, I’ve never seen no plants grow out of no toilet.

  6. Worlds first plank at the worlds first Bobs burnt galah?

  7. Mate, if you're from Queensland you should go for the Brisbane Lions.

  8. That’s a good case; I’ve been to a couple of their games. I’m not originally from Brisbane but lived there for a bit. But I’ve got kids born here in Melbourne so this is for them

  9. Haha fucking hell this comment above from me aged well didn't it?

  10. Sometimes when I put my postcode in, i get the option of selecting ‘South Morang’ or ‘Morang South’

  11. I’m 6 years in Melbourne now and deciding to divert from NRL to AFL this year; will the Kangaroos be good to go for?

  12. says OP while waiting for the shittest chicken in the country

  13. He’s so stupid, he doesn’t realize how miserable he should be. I envy that - Bojack

  14. I only ever thought you could pick up at a bar and was so into partying, never picked up the signs that people were interested

  15. Conway's Footscray both a fishmonger and excellent F&C. Calamari in very tasty strips.

  16. Finally got here today. Calamari is nice; Battered strips.

  17. Appreciate the advice. Agree that I’d be better just buying fresh and cooking as well.

  18. I usually bone my lamb legs. It helps remove a lot of the muttony taste, then you can also insert aromatics where the bone used to be.

  19. Interesting. I’ve tried a lamb let 3 times. First was great but the next two left severe fat taste

  20. Recruiter here - I agree about the salary on job ads remark. I work internally for a company and though all the research state that you’re more likely to get people to apply, managers are afraid what it means for internal employees.

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