1. SS anybody else thinks it's strange that the clients of epstein continue to be protected? And that no media ever mentions it?

  2. I just can’t afford the $40 for fake pee and no unfortunately no friends that can do it for me.

  3. You can afford pot but you can't afford fake pee? Something is not working here.

  4. It was the size of a smaller bedroom. It had a daybed with all white covers but pillows all over it with red and white designs and patterns. No windows, no doors. I don’t recall any wallpaper.

  5. Where there toys or anything else? As a mom in trying to understand what would attract a 6 year old into a room that has no toys?

  6. The Georgia guide stones have 0 suggestions for how to reduce population. They actually suggest not to exceed a limit. There's lots of nonviolent ways to reduce population.

  7. I don't care about how many ways of reaching their population reducing numbers YOU think there are, I care about the one they're using on us right now.

  8. Is heat causing dehydration a new thing or dehydration causing blood clot a new thing? Well blood can go thick due to dehydration but blood clots?? Seriously.

  9. Yes, humanity was never dehydrated until they started mass compulsory vaccination with experimental DNA altering technologies.

  10. Why couldn't they have made a vaccine against stupid, and made that mandatory.

  11. They did, you really have to be stupid to take it, and they're slowly but surely starting to get climate change heart attacks and clots and huge increases in putin induced cancers and hepatitis and so many other fun diseases.

  12. Not really contrary to popular belief George is a fairly common name amongst African Americans. Also Floyd likewise is as ubiquitous a last name as smith.

  13. At the beginning she says she's eaten "just enough" before the pie arrives. She was willing to eat the pie until Jerry said "best apple pie in the city".

  14. 😂😂😂😂😂😃😃😂😂 oh boy, these guys are hilarious!!!

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