1. What's the monster behind her? I thought it was Tenyi Spirit - Ashuna, but this one has scales and no "hair".

  2. Its Naturia Barkion. The tweet says she's playing Naturia

  3. We simply don't know but I wouldn't be surprised if the Duel Monsters HAC cards go into this years tins and the rest end up in import purgatory imported piecemeal over the next few years which was pretty much exactly the same as what happened with the Legendary Gold Box cards.

  4. I like messing around with Armed Dragon ABC Ojama. They can do some powerful stuff if you open the right cards (big if)

  5. The reason I've always thought of regarding HS and HFD is that HS disproportionately punishes playing a backrow/stun deck while being just HFD (2) for decks with little or no backrow presence.

  6. Do you want a lot of cards in the set? Do you like opening boxes? Do you have the cash to spend?

  7. If you're looking for something you can write and take notes on, maybe a MS Surface or an iPad with one of those keyboard attachments would work well.

  8. generic cards are good so that you don't have to wait 5 years before you get a card that you can put into your deck

  9. Best cards to use with Dark Eradicator Warlock... look into what standard Dark Magician decks look like since they deal in and excel at summoning Dark Magician to the field, and you need him to get Warlock onto the field. Then you'll probably want to put in some number of Normal Spell Cards to help fuel his effect. The Spellbook cards can search each other and provide Spell activations without losing advantage, that could be an option?

  10. You'll have to talk to the PEY office. Email your PEY coordinator ASAP. They probably won't be happy about it, since it hurts the school's rep to have students essentially breaking contracts after doing the work to set you up with a gig. Obviously, you won't get the PEY credit, either. Will likely damage the relationship with your employer as well. Don't expect a good reference after the fact.

  11. I took A48 like 6 years ago so this may be different now but practice reading, writing and tracing code by hand without any help from an IDE because it's incredibly time-consuming if you aren't comfortable with it and 1 mistake will mess everything up. Know how function calls go on the stack, the memory model, etc

  12. Well that's just completely untrue. Draft and sealed in general is the primary way to play MTG and why is always part of every big tournament. The booster packs are made around draft.

  13. I honestly hope thats true. I want them to power creep the game to a point where Colossus, harp horror, and mermaid being on the ban list is laughable.

  14. Sorry but if electrumite is on the list all the pendulum cards that were unbanned would get shot again, and many other cards too.

  15. I'm trying to quit. Don't really play much anymore but every time they reveal a new deck with art that I like I end up buying it and it sits on my desk or in a deck box. Have a few friends that play but, eh.

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