1. Hasek is the greatest player in the history of the NHL. This question is laughable. If he had been Canadian it would never be asked

  2. I was definitely expecting the toss to be an underhand softball pitch. The overhand football throw caught me off guard.

  3. This is the lamest shit ive ever seen. Wow

  4. Checking in from sec 110! Let’s get it tonight. GDTRFB FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN

  5. I saw it pointed out a few years ago that reports of beach dangers start flooding the news the week before every major beach holiday. If you pay attention it's like clock work. In Texas, every week before a major beach holiday, it was tests showing high levels of fecal contamination in the water. Mass and RI it's sharks.

  6. Awww. Currently a little peeved at the wife. This just melted my heart and instantly made me feel like a stupid asshole being upset over something that is ultimately unimportant. Awesome tat

  7. I’m pretty sure Mason Rudolph was mic’d up for this game and the nfl said they’re not releasing the audio

  8. In my opinion, if the NFL was covering something up on this one, it wouldn't be to protect the third string nobody. NFL would be happy to make a giant PR example out of Rudolph. If the NFL isn't releasing audio it's not to protect him it's to protect the All pro. Accusing somebody of calling them the n-word when it didn't happen as an excuse for hitting them with your helmet is disgusting.

  9. If they're covering it up, it's not about protecting Rudolph imo. It's about not having a situation where people condone clubbing a guy with a helmet. The narrative on Kareem Hunt did an overnight 180 when the public heard about all the racist shit the woman he kicked had apparently been saying. With the emphasis on CTE in recent years, the last thing the league wants is a helmetless QB getting bludgeoned and half the players/audience being okay with it.

  10. There are two other players and a ref right on top of them and none of them heard it. Rudolph denied it. Rudolph was not suspended. Garret was suspended the rest of the season. At a minimum wouldn't Garret, his reps, and the players association have made a bigger deal about getting audio that corroborated his story out to the public? It's all an incredible reach when the alternative is so straight forward. It really just seems like a shitty human did something shitty and deflected blame by shittily making up a shit excuse

  11. Going solo to the show today. I'll make friends there :)

  12. I have no idea what the deal is with this sub and good chem. The shit is weak. The weakest I've had from any dispo. After having the same experience I've always assumed the sub is just overrun with good chem employees pimping the place

  13. I microdose multiple days a week. We are talking a portion of stem or small cap. I do it so I can stand people. I don't like just about everyone I meet. It helps me be way more empathetic, reconnects my autistic wiring in my head and helps me relate to humans so much better.

  14. I think this is probably the best way to look at it. People use it for different reasons, and those different reasons can benefit from different dosages. There is no one way, black and white, steadfast rule. The human brain is way way way too complicated for it to be that easy. It's whatever works best on an individual basis. And even that can change in an individual on a day to day basis

  15. Incredible setlist. Unfortunately took out about a half of my hopefuls for tomorrow

  16. Dead and Co have been fantastic this tour. Consistently fantastic too. Very tight and good energy.

  17. Surely it goes both ways. The rest of the world could have produced a bunch of insanely talented American football players that would have dominated the sport and been in the HOF.

  18. I mean the natural gas industry should be hand over fist right? WTF is up with Mr Krabs pinching the pennies?

  19. Good backup option I guess. Can we sign a starting goalie please for the love of god

  20. 750k was starting goalie last year so it definitely can be. Adams is completely clueless on goaltending till he proves otherwise. So far it's been a shitshow

  21. All the exact same shit he used to go after Imus for he became. Even worse. They say the things that annoy us about others are the things we subconsciously see as weaknesses in ourselves. That's what's was going on with him the whole time. He's completely irrelevant and hanging around way way way past his expiration. He could have retired ~2011 and had a legacy as one of the all time comedic greats. What he's become nobody is going to remember him a week after he dies

  22. 03-04 Hecht. I didn't expect that. I thought there would be someone more dominant.

  23. I wonder how much of the Roe v Wade bullshit was meant to distract from the insurrection

  24. Be like trading up to take Sammy Watkins with no QB. Sabres need a goalie

  25. You can buy the whole goddamn supreme court today

  26. Judge said "Fact it's gonna cost you your life" Dupree said "Judge, you know that seems to me to be about right"

  27. I've read this exact same story countless times in my life. This doesn't shock or surprise anybody, what a ridiculous headline

  28. Do u think the tractor trailer drove through the desert where it would have been blocked by a wall?

  29. Love the girls reaction to Ders. Just back and forth "no" head shake. Half disgusted and half horrified

  30. No idea he did stand up. Guess he's fallen on hard times. I'd rather donate to a GoFundMe then sit through him doing stand up though

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