Why are so many of you people "HODLing nomatter what"?

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The American truth though…🥲 thought I’d leave this here.

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  1. Hey just wanted to pop in to tell your deleted account how fucking worthless your advice is. I have done the exact same thing and acceleration persists.

  2. I saw this when I got to my hotel room last night as I guess this broke while I was traveling.

  3. The only people in hell are the people who stay neutral during a moral crisis

  4. You're asking the right questions, dude needs 5 years at a mental health asylum not prison, prison is only going to make the criminal streak continue as long as they have money.

  5. Lmao reddit economists pretending they know what's going to happen next week and all the idiots upvoting pretending to nod in agreement and understanding to this word salad

  6. Implying investing isn't in of itself gambling lmao day traders are cartoon people

  7. I just can’t help but imagine that the context of this video is cruel and sad

  8. The monkey is probably terrified bcuz this guy is baring his fangs at him so much

  9. "You can experience a new style of adventure, with a world that you’re free to explore at your leisure and not in an order dictated by the story. You will, of course, journey to hone your skills as a Pokémon Trainer, but many more discoveries and stories await you. Meet a variety of people and Pokémon, and adventure in the world of Pokémon the way you want to."

  10. I literally got so many chills green goo started spraying out of my asshole

  11. Idk, all of the 3D games have been selling like crazy. And I’ve found all of them enjoyable.

  12. You're enabling shit being shovelled into your face because you're addicted to familiarity

  13. This is true! Personally I’d rather work as little as possible and spend more time with my kids. Even if it means we only have what we NEED. Stuff isn’t important, the memories created mean everything ❤️ my biggest reason for being antiwork. Plus it hurts less when the system fucks us 😅🥲😂

  14. Congrats you doomed more innocent people to mandatory labour in a dying world. Good work.

  15. Treating a celebrity you meet like a trick pony is in bad taste and I'm glad Rhett had enough dignity to not clap like a trained seal anytime some rando says Tokyo for their own amusement.

  16. How much mouthwash do you need to get the aftertaste out?

  17. Or how much it makes people mad. I'm struggling to find what's wrong and think it's obnoxious what this sub has become

  18. The two sides of reddit are the really dumb people who are amused by the phrase "if he didnt want to play the 'whose dick is bigger game' he should've kept his pants zipped" and the slightly more self-aware people who still suffer from really low emotional intelligence who insist on doing meta-commentary on everything group A does.

  19. The things people on Tumblr get offended by... Holy shit. I've heard it's mellowed out a bit but I don't think it will ever completely change 🤣

  20. grow up man, you're on the school shooter breeding grounds website for people that make up stories to get emotionally invested in. this is one post out of thousands and yet you feel the need to go "LMAO TUMBLR USERS"?

  21. can we stop this? we live in the era where Reddit fosters mass shooting attacks yet everytime someone on tumblr says something silly there's this 2010-era "LOL tumblr uses cray cray" response somewhere.

  22. I mean if u had millions. Spending 6 months each year to save 300k+ would be like burning money otherwise no? Haha

  23. selling accounts who wont be targeted by the spam-filter to brands and botnets

  24. The only thing that annoys me is that people see this as some kind of an epic struggle. It isn't, you are writing a tweet, not fighting a war. Also why i was against the whole emails idea and begging for a fix is because i am afraid there is a chance it may backfire terribly

  25. "the thing that annoys me is something I made up in my head to get upset about, so actually what youre doing will have the opposite effect"

  26. Well there is still 2 people working on the game in their free time, however if this thing makes them quit it has worse consequences than just no updates. Valve may see tf2 as not worth the money, and since nobosy aill even be working on it, may just pull the plug on official servers.

  27. if all your actions to improve something have ended in people quitting you might just be really bad at managing your problems. doesnt mean everyone else lost their girlfriend like that.

  28. The main subreddit genuinely thinks that spamming emails and getting articles written is going somehow make apathetic Valve give a shit. It's seriously sad how they act like oppressed victims instead of having some semblence of awareness.

  29. you made up something that didn't happen so you could be mad about it. and you're acting like the superior smarter person.

  30. Mfers really just can't accept they will never get another update, and the funniest part is, by doing stupid, cringe shit like that they are only minimizing the possibility of an update. Actually sad af

  31. you have no right to talk when you type like a terminally online 16 year and your youtube videos are bad

  32. Presumably Chappelle just asked if he could drop in and work out some material and Mulaney agreed out of respect for a legend.

  33. he didnt bomb. standing ovation from most the crowd. cis people loooooove chapelle's material because its a safe space for them to mock people they secretly loathe

  34. It doesn’t turn me away from it. I calibrate my own moral compass. What I think is okay is okay and what I think is wrong is wrong. I just so happen to communicate with an array of people across the social and political spectrum and wanted to communicate frustration I hear from those on the right and more center. There’s no pleasing the left and this isn’t exclusive to the lgbtq community. If John Mulaney was batting .800 and this Dave fiasco dropped him down to .700 that makes him a bigot apologist? Isn’t that a little extreme?

  35. One day you may learn what nuance is. And why Mao is considered "70% good, 30% bad", that will be the day you actually become a socialist. So far you're a liberal.

  36. You do a great job of making socialism sound like a religious sect only for true-believer who praise the true gospel. This is what you call intellectualism? You speak of nuance like a muslim speaks of moral character. You don't believe in shit except "the good things because im in a group that tells me they're good."

  37. There's a lot to respond to here. That might sound dumb - you just wrote a few sentences, how can I claim that there's a lot? - but that's because there are a lot of ideological assumptions baked into your questions. I want to challenge some of those assumptions. I'm not going to be able to express it all fully, but I hope I can at least encourage you to become more skeptical of the anticommunist propaganda all around you.

  38. I'd rather not see doomerist twitter takes on lsc, communism is about revolutionary optimism. Also 'dealing with the infinite labyrinth that is modern society', I mean how is complexity bad by definition. Also, life is usually better with a loving family, so you can bring happiness to yourself and your children. Finally, there is no will in nonexistence, it is not nonconsensual because there is nothing to do the consenting, these are just dumb, paper-thin philosophical musings.

  39. Doomer resignation to oblivion is an obstacle to human liberation, and a mindset that your capitalist masters are happy for you to adopt.

  40. since when does human liberation lie in dooming children to a life in a collapsing society?

  41. breed harder breeder, doom more innocent minds to a life on this shit planet just because your hormones told you to. cope and justify it. fuck off. want to kill capitalism? kill the biocapitalist inside yourself.

  42. in absolute fucking awe that the audience on PCM are so fucking dumb the OP felt he needed ti include arrows to make the meme more obvious

  43. the most reddit thing in this subreddit are people bitching about other people and telling them to "go play the game" instead of doing so themselves. the self awareness is at a critical level.

  44. Anime Jesus swinging a giant metal cross around as his weapon, and his special gimmick is that when he gets KO'd he gets back up with a small amount of health recovery and a big boost to damage and guts.

  45. nah wtf i want to see this ingame, thats an amazing concept. imagine slayer vs jesus christ. pilebunker into the comeback. shit would be crazy.

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