US Capitol police arrive in full riot gear to protect the US Supreme Court

Party time, shower them with sparkly paper

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  1. I found another solution that seems to work in this case. You can download the obb file online (just google it) and copy it to the path Android/obb/com.humble.SlayTheSpire/

  2. Thank you! This worked for me too, on a Oneplus Nord.

  3. Hi, is this a hard mountain to climb? Much ‘climbing’ experience needed? With equipment?

  4. and they deserve so much more...but none of those are a church, they are propaganda centers that provide harmful medical care. They should be destroyed with violence, and it should be the government treating them the same way they other groups. in no way is that a counter argument to the post you are responding to, its whattaboutism.

  5. Violence is the last resort of the incompetent.

  6. The correct quote is “violence is the last refuge of the incompetent” but I’m not a huge fan of Isaac Asimov as a social critic. What is happening here self defense, alito and his ilk have already initiated the violence.

  7. Ahh, fair enough. Either/or doesn't really fit for me here though. Violence is bad, and it happens when people stop talking to each other. Vitriol and hate is only going to bring more.

  8. Thanks. I'm sitting here waiting for my son to fall asleep. Should be a warning or something.

  9. That stand by me video ! Halo 2 was my fave game of all time lol thanks for the reply awesome comment. Lol 36 was a milestone.

  10. The best of days in gaming, and you had to be there to understand. Now I'm just old lol

  11. Reminds me of Rodrigo y Gabriela, just not as good.

  12. Mupen64plus-next recently broke on xbox (like, a few days ago) and there's no good fix for it right now. Hopefully something will happen soon, but in the meantime you might be able to find an older, working version of the core online somewhere.

  13. Can you provide more detail on this? I just started playing with it today and find that 1.9.13 works on the Series S, but not the One S. I've been trying other versions of RetroArch, but it doesn't seem to change the core version of Mupen, and ParaLLel doesn't run well enough on the One S to be a viable core choice.

  14. Yes, it was just that version. It should be functioning properly now.

  15. Quite the necro there! I still hold the same opinion though, especially after a few hundred hours of Mordhau. I guess we can agree to disagree!

  16. What is this gif from? I've been seeing it for ages and it's always hilarious

  17. It's the same principle as not standing directly in a window when sniping in games and real life. If you're sticking the barrel out of the window, the flash is easier to spot and so are you. If you stand back you expose less of yourself. I never knew about this particular thing though, so I'm now using that in Halo Infinite when that comes out.

  18. Though in Halo Infinite they slap a massive glowing red HUD overlay on enemies, so it may not help as much :D

  19. Since there's wall in between you and the enemies you're not shooting at with this strategy it seems like it would work pretty well

  20. Good point! It still decreases opportunity for them to see your giant red flashing blob. Angles!

  21. If you're consistent hitting two body shots back to back, the g95 is the best. Otherwise, probably the Ross. Always go infantry to avoid exposing yourself with glare.

  22. Ark, valheim, and no man's sky all come to mind. Icarus isn't out yet but may interest you. Subnautica is sort of related?

  23. Played ark. Was boring. Valheim looks boring. Gonna try no man’s sky. Subnautica looks like a mission based game. I don’t really like those.

  24. Can you describe what makes something fun or boring for you? A lot of these types of games are very "you make your own fun" so mileage varies a lot

  25. If you're doing additive, Mawem should have 12, but yeah :D

  26. It helped that they had an actual climber commentating. I don't know why that's not required in a sport this niche.

  27. BF1 gets a bad rep in most subs, but operations are incredible and unique. I still play.

  28. BF1 is the best battlefield game imo. It's amazing as long as you avoid cheaters. And there are more than enough people to play with, at least on PC.

  29. Any chance you've come up with a reliable way to avoid them on PC? We like to play Ops, and it's gotta be 75% or more of them have cheaters. Makes me very sad.

  30. I only met like 3-5 cheaters total in my almost 100 hours of gameplay.

  31. is that google hangouts??? holy shit nostalgia

  32. CEO "parties" in GTA Online. It makes absolutely no sense why they'd create a kind of party system where you have to jump through hoops to share rewards (and in many cases, you simply can't). It seems like they realized that when they designed the Posse system in RDO, but have yet to correct the stupidity that's in GTAO.

  33. Came here to write this. Phuzzy Bond is exactly what you need.

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