1. Yeah I was looking through the photos being like "she's a dead ringer for Ali Larter!"

  2. I was mid typing a “did she get market corrected by Ali Larter” lol

  3. The entire redeeming part of the movie was the relationship between John and Todd, pretty much every Todd talking head, and then the ending.

  4. Loving everything about this match except for the chop fest.

  5. Jericho how did you type this? Im watching you in the ring.

  6. "his chest looks like someone shot him with a bazooka" Uh Taz you know what a Bazooka is?

  7. Look at Military Jones over here trying to explain Bazookas

  8. I agree, if the champ relinquishes then all interim champions during champ's absence should be lineal. My comment here invalidates another fantasy booking comment I've made in this thread but I digress.

  9. Is Chicago going to be AEW’s version of Canada from now on?

  10. I really hope this ends with OC winning the hat, but giving Hager a bigger and more outlandish hat

  11. Doesn't Steven Guilbeault have some art to throw food on or some other foolishness?

  12. No he’s too busy getting ready to send out carbon tax rebate cheques lololol

  13. Every time I see of hear the words 'Carbon Tax', I hear Steven Harper yelling 'Job Killing Carbon Tax'. Hey Steven you were wrong.

  14. He followed protocol and never received a reply to the written application. It’s clear that the Liberals have something to hide.

  15. He specifically said today that he hadn’t and was submitting them orally. Lol

  16. Yup. Let’s face it - talent management isn’t likely one of his strong suits.

  17. I meant the part about Andrade wanting to be released and not being given his release. Does the fact that Andrade punched Guevara in the face make you think he shouldn't be released and just paid to stay home until his contract expires?

  18. If TK believes He punched him in the face specifically to breach his contract then yeah He should be punished.

  19. Jericho takes a lot of shit on here but dude never stops hustling

  20. Who in the fuck is using Abortions as a form of Birth Control lol

  21. No one. It's just an anti-abortion talking point.

  22. Why is AJ Styles not getting buried as well for his extended track record of Anti-LGBT language.

  23. Socialism is okay and we need social programs and to take care of those who aren’t as fortunate as others.

  24. RG3 maybe the most well adjusted former athlete since Steve Young

  25. Just a reminder for folks - Under Armour Sports Masks are current 2 for $12 online. Fantastic stocking stuffers and by far the most comfortable masks I had used the first go around.

  26. Except Disney is going to point that Twitter had processes in place to capture this immediately and now they don’t, so they are no longer making a good faith effort to remove copyrighted materials.

  27. UFC Head Dana White going to show up at Twitter HQ with a Harpoon Gun

  28. Some auto manufacturers will let you buy direct if you are shopping new.

  29. Just like carvana made used car lots obsolete?

  30. If you buy two pairs of gloves from glove guy, he will drop you off at any Irving in the HRM.

  31. I don't think this is a better cover for the game from a recognition standpoint. I would have had Mox or Bryan there.

  32. If that’s the case why not have Big Show and Mark Henry front and Center. They consistently top google trends reports for AEW Talents so the most mainstream attention would be with them?

  33. My dude. There is no point trying to argue. This place is full of liberal cultists.

  34. It's just one Julius Michael. What could it cost? $10?

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