1. We are replacing our front door in the near future and want to upgrade the front stoop as well. Right now you have to step up into the house which is not ideal. I calculated the price to build a 4’x8’ cedar deck with two steps and came to around $1000 in materials alone (crazy lumber prices)

  2. My title describes the thing. Served with my beer at a local tap room. Why the perforated section?

  3. My 3 year old sons favorite song. Have heard it 10,000 times and it never gets old

  4. I totally get him. Hobbes’ got a five-head

  5. Are you in the portland area? Any more insight?

  6. Did you remove all 15’ of the cast and replace with pvc or did you just cut a wye into the existing cast?

  7. Just cut a wye into the existing, which I’m now regretting. I didn’t tear up the entire floor when I did the original tie in.

  8. I would pay for a sewer scope before you go tearing anything out. If the house is from the 40s you may have orangeburg pipe that is tied into the cast iron pipe leaving your house to the city sewer. That stuff has exceeded its intended lifespan and is causing issues all around the country on older houses

  9. I don’t think that’s the case… that cast iron pipe enters the crawl space and then transitions to ABS… someone had replaced the majority of the old piping where it was accessible. The only thing (other than my new bathroom) that cast iron pipe is fed by is a floor drain in the laundry/utility room

  10. I really like my enameled steel tub that I replaced my 1955 original cast iron with. It's the Bootz brand and decent quality. Only drawbacks are the hollow sound and most likely lack of insulation, but I don't really take baths so can't attest to that. You can fill underneath and stuff with insulation if you want to negate these issues. It's a 60" though...don't know if there are 72" alcove tubs around...but you could also build in a nice 12" tile shelf at the end to fill the space.

  11. That’s what I’m looking to do I think. Maybe even some narrow built in shelves/drawers for towels and toiletries on one end. Thanks for the recommendation!

  12. I don’t know why you’re being downvoted. You’re right, except it’s a butcher block counter and I have a 3 year old. Par for the course haha

  13. Is this all that was there or are there a lot left? If the latter then this might be as simple as reusing them (in the reduce, reuse, recycle sense) after the end of their useful life.

  14. We’ve probably found a few dozen on about a half a mile of road, so not too many

  15. I found these objects in a gravel road near where I live. There are many more but are fairly scarce in the mixture of gravel. They feel like rock and are very smooth. In Portland , OR is that matters

  16. Guessing here, but if they cut trees, there's a huge pile of shavings and chips at the base of each one...

  17. Looking closer though I guess they are all slightly different.

  18. That could definitely be it. Although they're all so uniform.

  19. Tighten your breaker and neutral/ground bar screws with a screwdriver... Not an impact. I've seen copper snapped in half from over torquing. Just a thought.

  20. If you do this you have now lost your neutral from the panel (via the power supply neutral). You need to leave all the neutrals connected and just pigtail out a neutral for the switch

  21. I'm a local 48 journey guy. Went through the non union apprenticeship. Would recommend it for the gateway into the union but would not recommend it based on the education (not good). Most of the apprentices I now work with say the education in the union program is excellent.

  22. Gonna need a box offset on both ends now. Good luck

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