1. This post is about mental health and you're talking about Marxists?

  2. This is quite reasonable when you consider, you can't donate blood in the United States if:

  3. Given there is zero evidence that you could get either COVID or myocarditis from a blood transfusion, and the VAST majority of patients in New Zealand will have some form of COVID antibodies in their circulation (either through infection or vaccination). I think the concern from the health care professionals about delaying an urgent surgery for a life threatening cardiac disease, to try to hopefully source compatible blood, with enough quantity for open heart surgery is pretty reasonable, especially considering the request for unvaccinated blood is BS.

  4. To be fair, I do think the doctor's concerns are understandable. But I'm also of the opinion, if the government allows irrational and unscientific rules to remain on the books for years, then individuals should be similarly allowed to make their own decisions, because clearly the government cannot be trusted to *always* make the best decision for you; therefore individuals should have some discretion.

  5. Sure, maybe you, me, and a handful of others are considerate. But

  6. Doing something, bad. Talking about doing the something, abhorrent. Gotcha.

  7. Nah, it's perfectly fine to talk about the bad things in life. I never said it was, but I understand you're a weak minded individual who relies on strawman arguments rather actual discussion.

  8. Holding a consistent position across two sequential comments in a thread is super challenging, yeah?

  9. Please provide context when posting to

  10. If they wanted to tip $100, why is your employer requesting the $500 back and not just the $400 difference?

  11. Hey! I biked passed this morning a little after 9am too! It made a very solid excuse to be late to my 9:15 meeting, lol.

  12. Define "extremely rare," because I'd imagine it's greater than 1 out of 1000, which is common enough to be a problem

  13. With this setup I can visualise the flagship losing one wing then another as you cut right through it.

  14. You still need to bust through the overcharged shields in phase 3, so it's not a one hit KO. You can absolutely one shot phase 3 but you need to pull the sven maneuver and have two flack twos or something equivalent

  15. Let me know when there's a class action lawsuit and I can sign up.

  16. Jelly's jacket was made by RC Pets. Rcpets.com. Here's how it looks on her:

  17. He has recovered 100%. Now ready to roam around the city with his cousins in his outfit that he hates and is too big for him 😅 i'll properly size him next year in a different costume

  18. Lol, I wasn't trying to say all horses are kind and gentle. I was just saying there's a reason you don't see people riding or petting zebras. They are much more aggressive animals comparatively. Doesn't mean a horse can't be a dick.

  19. Seen throughout society unfortunately. Like yes I believe animals should be treated with dignity but putting them above humans is a joke. Look how much money goes into aiding stray pets via donations compared to homeless people.

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