1. Copy and paste the same comment a couple more times; it's very cool and normal human behavior

  2. I was riding in the bike lane this week and an Uber drive pulled up over the bike lane to drop people off. The people getting out were then just hanging out on the bike lane and wouldn’t get out of the way at all.

  3. I've had to scream at pedestrians standing in the bike lanes way more than I'd've preferred. For some reason, crazies aside, people know not to stand in the middle of road. But somehow that same mental logic doesn't get triggered when standing in a bike lane.

  4. I like the rhyme. If I start a bike bell company, can I use that as my catchphrase?

  5. Particularly when they water them in the height of sun in the afternoon. It's the worst time for water usage and not great for the plants either.

  6. I personally prefer when they water them at noon, to the point where they form puddles on the sidewalk. Nothing could possibly demonstrate consideration and selflessness more.

  7. I have no idea how our Federal government, which still considered marijuana a schedule 1 controlled substance (aka, very illegal), and has thrown thousands of people in jail for it (and are still in jail for it!) could possibly even pretend to be outraged that Russia jailed someone for possession of marijuana.

  8. It's a purely advisory role. The unelected official can be fired, replaced, or ignored. But we love letting unelected people make our laws in the USA

  9. Because it gives the elected people an excuse to appease corporate interests and not do anything for the working class

  10. Wanting to be treated with respect is not the same thing as organising society around gender identity.

  11. Technically correct, but let's be clear, if, for example, someone believes that gender and sex are equivalent (which they are not) and demands it should be defined as such in law, that is trying to change society; it is not "respect." Similarly, if you demand every conversation begin with everyone stating their pronouns, that is much more a proposal that should be debated than something you should assume its a required protocol everyone should follow just because you think it's respectful.

  12. Yes Harlo knows too. All it took was one good pop on her nose. She squealed we hugged and I told her no bites, don’t put your teeth on me. Now I just say don’t you put your teeth on me and she does what bud does

  13. Please don't hit your animals; it's generally a terrible behavior reinforcement mechanism

  14. "the only solution to poverty and child hunger is to shame corporations who try to prevent theft"

  15. Mmm, yes, and clean laundry. Jelly loves to lay on my freshly folded Tees

  16. Lol, sometimes I gotta switch to New since I've already upvoted 99% of the Top posts.

  17. whoa, was that intentional? If so, he had to have spotted him earlier, that was a quick turnaround and toss!~

  18. Lo My Jelly was mirroring your dogs moves as I listened / watched this.

  19. Can you elaborate more on that (and link to an article if you can) ? I have no heard of it before and am interested in finding out more.

  20. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2018/07/toys-r-us-bankruptcy-private-equity/561758/

  21. You fail to see the irony in pointing out they need a filibuster proof majority to pass it...

  22. That's what I meant by "never seriously"; they make half-hearted attempts like so, but never forced it through a reconciliation bill, nor proposed it when they had a filibuster proof majority. So, to me, this is just optics to make it seem like they care, rather than actually taking the necessary actions to make it happen.

  23. Reconciliation is a budgetary process. It cannot be used to codify anything.

  24. Abortion is both an economic and social issue therefore it could easily fit into a budgetary bill. Even if you don't agree with that, the byrd rule has been ignored before. The parliamentarian is only a recommendation not a requirement. Congress could ignore it if they wanted to.

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