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  1. It’s keeping me up at night currently ngl

  2. Really set your expectations appropriately, or you will run yourself into the ground with this heavy of a load. It’s difficult to be a good teacher while having to prep so much. Make your grading process as efficient as possible, and try not to get drawn into ideas with too many layers for projects. Get TAs if possible and set up grading rubrics. Gizmos has prebuilt lessons and are lifesavers for sub days, not to mention good interactive labs to help students visualize concepts. Not al are great, but there are enough to justify the cost.

  3. Mods! Didnt we say that we would limit posts to 7 per week? This guy is spamming over the limit with garbage.

  4. You’re wrong. Every Sunday, so once a week…sometimes twice (rare).

  5. As per the latest report. I know drs not is tracking more, but I’m sticking to the official numbers post by the company.

  6. I’m not sure why folks are posting pictures of where they are when all of the photos have geolocation. You may argue β€œthere’s nothing identifiable in the picture,” but I wouldn’t tempt how far these criminals will go to find out who I am. Post away if you disagree, I’m not hatin’.

  7. Hes betting moass will happen before 2023. The only way for BBBY to reach those levels are with a squeeze and he knows that. The stock cannot organically grow to 80 dollars a share in less then a year without some sort of major catalyst that causes all the stocks in the same basket to squeeze. Moass will be sometime this year hopefully alot sooner than later.

  8. I disagree. I think he’s going to pull BBBY into the Web 3.0 space. He’s building a meta verse after all, and this is untapped competition for Amazon. He’s a builder, not a hustler. Squeeze or no squeeze, he a value man who likes to delight his customers, through and through.

  9. It enrages me how people think they can merge into a highway doing 40mph. Then mean mug you because you didn't slow down for them to merge.

  10. They’re usually older folks who rely on the courtesy of others to be aware for them

  11. They’re dumbshits. I got in a tussle with one because I was calling it β€œprecipitation” and they said β€œno this is rain.” Not even joking

  12. β€œJust ignore people that bother you”

  13. I watch the entire series more times than I care to say, and this episode was recently in the cycle. It just resonated with me.

  14. In the picture Is that some type of a rug about to be pulled revealing who is naked like when the tide goes out?

  15. "Invest in so-and-so, your money will double!"

  16. They swapped them with citadel or Point72, or some other criminal organization. This is the β€œpass the pennies” game, or liquidity shuffle.

  17. I've been eyeing that 2 towns cosmic crisp for a while. How is it?

  18. Cosmically refreshing. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  19. I’ve always liked β€œThe Big Long” for various reasons

  20. I guess we just really hate teachers.

  21. As a teacher, can confirm, I hate myself πŸ˜‚

  22. Yes. Raised catholic, but got a degree in geosciences. Astronomy helped me not be dragged down by the literal natured how my family viewed the Bible. They took everything as literal, including god creating the universe in seven days. Learning about time dilation helped me break the literal shackles of my family’s perspective. This helped me to see that most religions have the same overall structure and goals. Universalism is my current flavor of religion. Not atheist, because I feel β€œgod” is present in our intent and there is much of the universe that we largely don’t understand. There’s something greater than us and our understanding, that much I can assert.

  23. I would like to note that I’ve noticed the switch to recycled materials, even the mail envelopes. I love this change!

  24. Shouldn't everyone close the lid before even flushing? I feel like this fight over putting the lid down makes no sense.

  25. Putting both lids down actually prevents a large number of fecal and urine particulates from being thrusted into the air and onto your toothbrush.

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