1. I was thinking the same thing - is it common to let dogs in cafes in the UK? They’d never allow it here in Canada

  2. Found Damon's reddit account!!

  3. Naughty from Peston. Watching it now and all Hands says is that it is up to the whips.

  4. When a classicist translates ancient works, are they just providing alternative readings of already translated material or is there a significant 'new' Latin and Ancient Greek corpus?

  5. There is enough doubt and difficulty that every serious translation/ edition is new.

  6. I think Sunak will stand unless there is some febrility in his party. I think he would see it as a dereliction of duty not to,and let's face it, he must be in power at least partly for idealistic reasons, as he does not need the money or status.

  7. For as long as I can remember, cars of the same class, or even of the same make and model, have just got bigger.

  8. That's due in part to the addition of safety feature and modern luxuries.

  9. Bloody hell, you are quite right!

  10. The records show he paid more than £1m in UK income tax over the previous three financial years.

  11. This proves he does pay his fair share. Well played to him..

  12. I don't think there was EVER any suggestion he tax-dodged. He is too rich to need to dodge taxes; his wealth is well-founded, so there is never any danger he would fuck up and get exposed to stuff collapsing in value. Rich people only need to cheat the law when they have fucked up e.g. taken bad risks and stand to lose a lotof money.

  13. Well that was fun. Anyone know what the process is now?

  14. They will deliberate and submit a report to parliament with a recommendation and parliament must vote.

  15. When is the committee expected to announce the verdict?

  16. We do not know, because rumours are that it will delay in order not to prejudice the coming local elections.

  17. Tie that wallaby down, sport!

  18. You may need to re-post this where the question is clear in the post title.

  19. Rekon Russia still have some Shermans in boneyards from their WW2 lend lease?

  20. I laughed, but now I am thinking we will see one in Russian colours before the war is over.

  21. Caption says Challenger 1, but is it your caption anyway?

  22. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

  23. Cant speak for the asian but in the black community barbershop is a pillar of the community much like the US. The place i go is a safe space for everyone who comes, my barber once pointed out that the barber is pretty much the only time men really "pamper" themselves, they listen to all your woes, set up fifa tournaments and other things that bring people together and enjoy the experience.

  24. In my town, there are just "all-comers" barbers/ hairdressers where both men and women go. Now one Turkish barber has set up, but most of them (apart from salons owned by a person) are just spaces where self-employed hairdressers hire the chairs. But it is an almost exclusively white working-class town.

  25. The Asian barber near me is open till about 11.00pm. He’s got two couches in his shop and every night all his mates come round, sit on the couches and talk all night while he’s cutting hair.

  26. Interesting contrast to barbers in my town that have notices up saying 'No spectators'...

  27. I’ll have to call them later, I think they are probably closed. It was Wetherspoons I think.

  28. Spoons open for breakfast,but you say you left them OUTSIDE the pub. It is best you just go and check for yourself.

  29. It's absolutely fine to come back.

  30. So.....the true Cincinnatus turns out not to be Boris, but Woy.

  31. They probably don't care enough.

  32. I guess I’m trying to figure out what made the Battle of Bamber bridge unique in that regard then.

  33. We think of it as something that was a) tiny and b) mostly involving US Army soldiers, not the locals at all (though the locals supported the black soldiers).

  34. It seems like it gives off this false image that racial violence and segregation was not tolerated at the time in the UK.

  35. Like our society, almost everything was unofficial. 'Segregation' is an over-official way of putting it, and there was very little actual racial violence, but without doubt there was a lot of casual racism.

  36. It depends on how much space you have. If you can store them without trouble, they make good souvenirs/ ornaments. I went through an aggressive digital phase but now I wish I still had my CDs.

  37. When we had new blinds put in the house, it was indeed stated to us by the blinds companies that vertical ones were generally seen as old-fashioned.

  38. re: your edit - surely I could mention the curtains/mould to the neighbours? Otherwise it would be hard to justify my reason for speaking to them?

  39. Yes, you would definitely mention that curtains and indeed say that was the point of it.

  40. It dates me, I guess. Until a certain point Don't mention the war would have been instantly recognisable to almost everyone....

  41. Biggest hydro electric project approved in decades in a place called Loch Lochy. Politics because energy, but a delightful reminder for me that even in pre-written culture times, the 'Boaty McBoatface' mentality was already culturally endemic. (the name is from the gaelic)

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