1. found it on the site. it's in their timtales+ area. thanks for posting this, didn't know it existed!

  2. Nano Maso fucks Guido Stahl TimTales

  3. dude, where did this come from? i'm not seeing it available on the timtales site. I FUCKING LOVE GUIDO

  4. Is there a similar sub without only white dudes?

  5. “sometimes?!” —naomi smalls to cynthia lee fontaine, entrance episode (santee alley says something like, “sometimes i’m a campy queen…”)

  6. a jockstrap is a sure-win for locals but to guys who like thongs, thongs are way hotter

  7. i have michael boston flagged in my collection under vocal bottoms. roman todd, dato foland as well. tim tales has a bunch of muscle bottoms

  8. nice and memorable. you come across my mind so much.

  9. https://twitter.com/colormejorge/status/1588212072038342657?s=21&t=s3Adv8mS-zEwYc530P4lYQ

  10. i know which one you’re talking about and it IS guysinsweatpants but i can’t confirm with my memory whether or not it’s austin wilde. i wish i could think of some kind of distinguishing search term that might help. i know i have it downloaded in my tumblrpocalypse folder but it’s not sorted and i never went back to that after the porn ban

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