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  1. Nothing beats a suppressor (if your state allows it) when hunting with a rifle because typically it’s just a shot or two, however for small game birds/waterfowl I use my walker’s so I don’t have to worry about not hearing others or taking earplugs in and out

  2. Just out of curiosity, why not take them apart first?

  3. Hey bro I’ve also got a lot of stuff going on right now in my second marriage. If you need to vent/bitch/ ask some advice, anything feel free to reach out.

  4. Any interest in trading some European badger claws for a Roo claw or two?

  5. Nah sorry, that's where it becomes illegal, moving bones out of the state/country. They're just the foot claws anyway, the paw claws are far more impressive but the ravens took them.

  6. Speaking from experience…. If it seats. It yeets. Unless of course it’s a dud.

  7. If you had a good pac clerk you never got charged leave. Most dudes in my unit always carried 60 days

  8. Levi is very low quality denim for being one of the top manufacturers of jeans. Pretty sad.

  9. My cheap Walmart wrangler’s have been holding up rather well, I blew the knees out of two pairs of Levi’s I had only worn a few times just doing some work around the property, not extremely demanding work either

  10. Taste like ass, but can look pretty on the wall though

  11. Where I come from, the first thing we do after killing or harvesting a pig is blow torch the whole carcass to get rid of the hair. This process has multiple purposes but it also facilitates finding the entry wound...

  12. Definitely recommend bleeding them first, and then either torch it or put ‘em on the spit

  13. 1st date? I wouldn’t go to spendy. Maybe coffee and a nice fall afternoon walk along the canal?

  14. Idk man… I’ve heard they like to be slapped, racked and tapped…

  15. I thought this post got marked complete, but no it didn’t

  16. I had a 1SG one time that cut a dudes hand off with one when he was in ranger bat.

  17. In MN, its not legal to leave anything overnight on public land. Not sure on the legalities of taking something you find out there, but i do know for a fact the DNR wont help you if your equipment disappears. Even if you can prove who took it, they wont do anything about it.

  18. My buddy and I got two free stands because they were left unattended for months after close of deer season, we were scouting for hogs just after the close of turkey season and the warden asked if we wanted two free tree stands

  19. Am I the only one thinking how fucking sweet that blind is?

  20. I was coming here to say the same! Nice setup OP

  21. Oropharyngeal tube or actual ET tube?

  22. I copied the name of wikipedia and ran it through google, no results


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