So my daughter has HIE and spent the first 3 weeks of her life in the NICU. Tomorrow is her neurological consultant to check on long term damage. I just need some positive energy.

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Bowfishing from a dam

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  1. Looks like a mountain lion. Are they endemic to your area?

  2. That’s also not a mountain lion face it’s too broad and longer snout, cougars have a more narrow triangular shaped head with a shorter snout

  3. Did they try running through the fence and possibly break they’re own neck? I know this seems kind of like a weird or dumb question but legit saw it happen in my back yard, I had a big doe run head long into a high chain link fence and snapped her own neck

  4. Not Safe For Work. If someone at work, specifically in the U.S., has this up on their screen and a coworker looks over their shoulder and sees that term (which has a history of racist usage) questions will likely be asked.

  5. I would have to disagree, just my opinion but in my experience “NSFW” has usually been more for pornographic content more so than racist content

  6. It’s a .50BMG that’s grown coral on it the Navy does some live fire events out at sea and they wash up occasionally, I’ve found a few over the years

  7. It’s normal, a lot of weapons platforms do it

  8. Idk, I work in EMS and I’m convinced that humans are more durable than I expect.

  9. Neighbor gave me about two bandoliers of this stuff after I was bitching about .303 being so expensive right now. All the stripper clips are FN stamped and came out a metal crate that was FN stamped. Two of the stripper clips have black tips on them. Not sure if they're supposed to be incendiary, AP or what.

  10. Black tip .303 can be one of two types, AP or AP incendiary

  11. Ah! I just saw the mags. I thought he was just toting a kitted AR10

  12. I don’t think that rifle is 7.62x39, it looks more like it would take the larger rounds in the bags under the AK mags

  13. Have I been doing it wrong? After shooting I drank a bottle of Vodka that then pissed on the rifle to neutralize everything...

  14. I’ve always loved the De Lisle, I’ve wanted one forever.

  15. The only thing out of place is the stars start from the right and go left as you get more but, all in all priceless

  16. And then the food you’re trying to get to has concrete bits and metal flakes too!? Yum my favorite

  17. Why would you ruin cheese omelettes like that?

  18. I hunt deer at dawn and dusk so the sun shade is critical in my experience. No need for the flash kill because the deer in my area don't shoot back often.

  19. In my personal experience, deer take forever to shoot back anyway since it’s difficult for them to get their hooves in the trigger guard

  20. Raccoons on the other hand are deadly quick in my neck of the woods.

  21. Speaking from experience…. Both cat and horse taste pretty good, the things you learn with world travel

  22. You should do what makes you happy. The more challenging the more fun you'll have and more than likely gonna learn something new . It sounds like you have the income to pay $600 but I would just say $500 and take that Subie

  23. Yeah I’d go $400-$500, maybe $550, it seems like it’d be a decent project car, maybe turn it into a retro rally car

  24. Well when you’re restoring a car, you usually want to save as much on buying the car, so you can put the rest towards parts to fix the damn thing

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