Adult Swim Severs Ties With ‘Rick And Morty’ Co-Creator Justin Roiland

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  1. Or, “You people have been ungrateful AF, for the last 20 years, I’ve been killing my self working for 18 hours a day with no time off try to create magic for you building stuff people can’t even copy, I could have bought an island and lived there with 20 girls for the last 20 years. So I’m going to make GM Mary Tesla CEO, sell every single Tesla share, sell Spacex to ULA on the cheap buy a county, bye, PS: Mary going to lead you”

  2. Cost of living aside I am in the field and some of these major names are our clients and partners. It is a travesty what some rudimentary jobs pay at likes of Google Meta and even Msft. AWS and apple on the other hands are fairly conservative. But a PM or Scrum master making 350k is just like …wtf . We got data scientists and architects with PhDs that don’t crack 200k . anyways if you can land one of those gigs more power to you CEOs and Execs make bank, but I guess it just creates a serious disparity in the industry among workers.

  3. Basically, if you turned that money into profits smarter investors could use it more efficiently and likely create better jobs

  4. A couple of times during the call, Elon brought up or mentioned Optimus in the context of something else he was asked about. I found it interesting that when he was talking about Tesla’s real-world AI capabilities, on more than one occasion he referred to “non-automotive applications” rather than tying it to Optimus specifically. This made me wonder if Tesla is developing some other type of product that takes advantage of their real-world AI capabilities.

  5. Could be as simple as a small sidewalk robot. That would be the logical place to start

  6. Ah. So he linked to an equivalent of a Daily Mail article and then deleted it. From what I can tell from giving that shitty site a click, you are interpreting a tabloid’s supposition that someone might be at least bi by context as inherently mocking them.

  7. No, and I will remove you as a mod if you continue to defend LGBT hatred.

  8. I’m not saying we could have done, I’m saying what the evidence says. We didn’t lose all our hair because we wore clothes 170k ya

  9. That's when clothing started affecting lice. Not when we first started wearing it

  10. Simple Wi-Fi routers can be used to detect and perceive the poses and positions of humans and map their bodies clearly in 3D, a new report has found.

  11. This really shows the potential for AI to see a bunch of things that we currently can't see.

  12. this always bothers me about work from home. If that job can be done 100% virtually, why would they hire local at all at that point? The corporate America has every incentive to cut wages even more by hiring overseas who are willing to do the same work for way less.

  13. That's not really important. If a job can be done overseas it doesn't inflate the cost of living.

  14. This thread is a fantastic ensemble of

  15. It wouldn't surprise me if AI could do that now.

  16. And it would be really good for Tesla as far as brand goes.

  17. As a human being, I hate the fact these people are yanked around by companies for a path to citizenship. Indentured servitude is no way to go through life.

  18. Personally I think it would be nice if h1b mandated gender equality and diversity.

  19. Is it me or when Elons tweets or responds to something on Twitter thats "wingnutty" it seems to be getting less attention than just a few weeks ago it's like the novelty of him going hard right has faded and it's just becoming part of the background noise instead of a story that must be reported on. This is a good thing as he can continue to court (for some reason) folks that he's trying to bring back to Twitter without the whole world caring very much about every little tweet.

  20. Once it was clear that he has the charisma of a toddler that had their favorite toy taken away I think people stopped paying attention.

  21. Honestly with the blue states embracing work from home more and more combined with the stupid high taxes there is increasingly less and less reason to live there. You can just have a blue state job in a red state with low costs of living and low taxes.

  22. That's true, but the blue state values come from the job itself.

  23. While I agree Musk is a douchebag scummy grifter, I’m pretty sure those 3 people you listed are in an entirely different class of fraudster. I mean come on, musks companies have been able to deliver serious technology breakthroughs at scale to a real market.

  24. The biggest difference is that Elon Musk was also able to grift really smart people into working for him.

  25. It’s more about what the implications of what the diversification represents. Nations are afraid the US will use economic sanctions to keep them from going to war or destabilizing the global economic order the US created post world war 2. History tends to repeat, and every time someone tries to rewrite the global economic order, devastating wars tend to erupt. I don’t see how the world safety transitions from a US dominated global to whatever ends up being the dominant system after.

  26. Essentially the countries that do abandon the dollar will sabotage their own economies to the point where they are a small portion of the world economy.

  27. It's not the execs or engineers really. It's mostly geopolitics.

  28. So here's the thing, the first woman President of the USA is going to be a Republican. Haley is exactly the profile.

  29. The only chance Republicans have at victory is a nominee who represents poor Republicans.

  30. IIRC, SpaceX has the worst employee retention in the aerospace industry.

  31. It's essentially a hazing ritual.

  32. Musk tweeting "Teslas are the safest cars on the road, but most people don’t know that" is EXACTLY why they need to advertise.

  33. The real brand damage has been that people are no longer interested in talking about their cars. That's going to have to be replaced by advertising.

  34. There's really no guarantee that the gas car companies can make a good BEV vehicle.

  35. "Code should be written so that humans and computers can read it, and neither should be slow doing so." to quote my ol' prof.

  36. The biggest issue is that the code allows for minor flaws to go unnoticed.

  37. I read in the comments that this process can’t be done on heart tissue (I’ll try and find the source). Basically if that’s true, you’d go until your heart stops. You’d still be living into your 80’s, 90’s and even into the 100’s but you’ll eventually pass at a somewhat normal age.

  38. When flight was invented they couldn't fly for more than a minute, but that's not where the technology stopped improving.

  39. Things change. Humanity is not a stable creation. It's a constantly evolving concept.

  40. Looking forward to Teslabot’s progress, Boston Dynamics is not sitting still :

  41. I'd be way more impressed if it showed a live version of the robot repeatedly doing much more simple tasks

  42. Are you about to tell me he's a centrist too?

  43. Sure because he won the election. Ultimately that is the definition of centrism.

  44. He is right to "refuse" to exercise these options. If he taxes "wealthy" persons more, then a good number would escape to tax havens or devise good schemes to have their taxes reduced; if he increases taxes on corporations, they would escape to countries with low corporate taxes (Ireland is beckoning); all of these would result in lowering the state income and worsening the situation.

  45. If the wealthy people leave they reduce demand for goods. Which solves the fundamental problem.

  46. You mean developing countries? Why do you hate the global poor?

  47. The winners in those countries are not poor.

  48. I actually agree with the fact that there are way too many bullshit jobs from my own experience and discussions I had over the years.

  49. The simple answer is that you completely hide how busy people look from management and have them only able to see output.

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