1. Same here, birthday twins!! Happy Bday, I’ll toke for the both of us when I get home 😊

  2. I’m stuck cleaning the house for when my mom and grandmom stop by later. So I’ve only smoked a little bit and took a edible. After I finish cleaning ima take a dab lol.

  3. Happy birthday, since it’s your birthday I’ll work from home. Thanks for the encouragement

  4. That’s pretty much how it went for me lol. I woke up hit snooze and then said “wait, it’s my birthday.” An called out. Already took one nap. Smoked an gonna take another shortly 😂

  5. My old dog would get so upset when my girlfriend an I would have sex, that he would start crying then go an have the runs on the floor…. He did this the first like 2 months of me and her dating 😂

  6. No but, I have been getting it a lot in general lately. I’ve noticed smoking makes it go away, or at least me not notice it lol

  7. Oh no I know mines not chs lol. It’s only after I eat pop tarts lmao 😂😂😂

  8. I mean technically once you put the shrooms in it you infect laced your own shit lol….. plus no “smoke shop” is selling you actual bud. You’re getting either delta 8, delta 10, hxc, or one of them so the high is gonna be different…

  9. Multiple plugs…. Always have to have options. I have my main plug that I’ve been going to for a few years now. I also have 3 really good friends that sell, and go to the pop up events for certain things lol… There’s always someone that has something you just have to look in multiple spots sometimes lol

  10. Exactly this. I start by asking the main plug (known longest, best prices, gives extra) then if he’s not available I’ll go to the backup who’s honestly just as good

  11. Yeah my main person is literally always good, and if she’s not home she either leaves it under the welcome mat, or her husband or son is home lol. But every now an then one of my buddies that sells will have something that will grab my attention and I’ll grab off them. My one buddy gives me super good prices and free shit all the time lol

  12. An 8th is for 3 days lol. My dad always said, 1 g for one day, 2 gs for two day, and so on and so… I mean in my case it was pretty spot on. A qtr last me about 7 days as long as I’m not off work any extra days lol

  13. It’s the water you really wanna keep clean… I changed my water daily, usually two times a day. I’d give it like an actual clean cleaning about 2 times a month.

  14. Who ever wrote that post lost their wife to a Latino man…. It’s ok chad, maybe she just wasn’t into your vanilla sex 🤷🏽‍♂️

  15. Was this what you used to smuggle it into prison in your ass ?

  16. Idk if it’s a life hack or not lol. Pretty much everyone I know that smokes saves their roaches and will roll them up when they’re running low. I’m more astonished by the amount of people on here that have never seen or done this before.

  17. Literally came here to ask “what in the crack head is going on.”

  18. Nah bruh that’s gay as fuck…. Unless it happens while you’re both in jail, or she’s visiting you in jail… cause then it’s not gay, it’s just jail shit.

  19. Sometimes someone in a cycle of depression, destructive behaviors, suicidal thoughts, etc. just needs a new perspective on life. Psychedelics can offer that perspective for some people and can save your life.

  20. Can confirm. The year I spent taking acid every weekend or every other weekend, was one of the best years of my life. Simply because I’ve been diagnosed with bipolar and a handful of other issues since I was in like 4th grade. I’m 33 now lol, that year they seemed non existent in me.

  21. All my friends smoked blunts and all the old heads I smoked with smoked joints…. Then once I started smoking with my dad he told me my joints looked like shit and would have rolling competitions with me, showing me how to improve.

  22. yeah i can see trichromes. the shape just seems too perfect too me

  23. Well you know what they say….. if your weed looks like weed and smells like weed, it’s probably meth.

  24. The only way to truly "detox" is to take a T-Break before your test. Don't smoke for a week or two before you take the test and you'll be fine and get higher when you smoke again.

  25. It also depends on how you consume the thc, and your body size, and metabolism…. Wax will take longer then flower cause it’s a higher thc dose. Edibles take even longer cause of the way the body breaks them down and takes in the thc… my buddy can smoke and pass a test within days cause his metabolism is so fast and he doesn’t smoke all day anymore. I on the other hand takes 3-4 months to get a clan system cause I smoke every day, both flower and wax. Plus my metabolism for the most part is trash lol.

  26. Cause of all those marijuana cigarettes you’ve been smoking ! I bet you’re the type of person to get tattoos as well ! Don’t worry, I’ll pray for you !!

  27. Go on YouTube and watch The Big Lez Show. Trust me.

  28. You know, a lot of people have given recommendations and reasons why…. The “trust me”. Is honest to god the most selling one so far. Ima go check it out

  29. It's top tier. Have you seen Shorsey yet?

  30. I only watched like an episode of 2 of it. I wanna give it another go lol

  31. I think it’s either or lol. I mean time doesn’t even really exist. It’s a made up concept. So I guess it could really be both lol

  32. At least you don’t pretend 12 am Tuesday is really Monday like my mom does. It makes for really confusing conversations.

  33. I dead ass thought this said “like your mom does, makes for confusing conversations.” 😂 I was like damnnnnnnnnnn

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