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  1. Do projects while doing your mooc course. Just binge watching the course isn't gonna take you anywhere and this is a very common problem for newcomers.

  2. I’m halfway done MOOC Java and my confidence has gone down. Everyone hyped it up so much and yet I still can’t even translate world problems into code

  3. this is what exactly what I was saying in the comment above, in programming its very hard to maintain consistency and motivation, you will feel like giving up in the end most likely if you follow those mooc course(not saying they are bad but most of them are just badly structured). They are good but only at understanding the basic concepts.

  4. Mind you, it's euro not dollar and a 3050ti. A bit overpriced imo you could get better deals but depends on your region.

  5. I'm based in Ireland and I have yet to see a laptop with these specs at this price range

  6. Big F then, but be sure to do your research before spending that money, it's a one time investment and there are no refunds)

  7. Lol why is he posting it here, go get the fire department for help

  8. Help me out here, I'm trying to learn data structure ( i know a bit of them not a lot) I'm currently watching mits open videos on yt, so does this apply to me too? Should I dump the videos and start a project??

  9. The important thing is to do both. Watch a video about a concept, then immediately turn around and code something simple using that. Put it into practice to confirm that you understand what you watched, find out what you're missing, and correct your misunderstandings. Once you feel comfortable with that concept, move on to the next. This is the same way that a secondary school would have daily lessons that introduces a single concept and then give you homework with practice questions for that concept.

  10. not a good resource for data structure, the guy who wrote this tutorials is an Indian with terrible english.

  11. CPU die is smaller compared to GPU so more heat transfer on GPU=low temps. And yes those temps are normal for a Nitro, you could get better temps with kryonaut but it's gonna last a month before it dries out (kryonaut aren't for high temp applications but they do a good job)

  12. How is shovel bad ? It has very good hit reg. Or do you just want to shit on tls update?

  13. test the hit reg yourself first before believing a random on the internet

  14. Thank for proving you didn't even touch that weapon and just want to shit on tls update. Typical braindead moron

  15. It is helpful in expert difficulty, when you have 100+hp tank would not be able to 1 hit u, same with witch)

  16. There is not much you can do on your own in this case because to test you would need to have some equipment like volt/ammeter to see if some PCBs are dead or not. Best would be to see a professional)

  17. I tried these before posting it here, tried it on another machine as well.

  18. What username should I put? I clicked on the link, filled the subject and the message but to whom am i sending it to xd

  19. Not needed at such a young age, i understand your concerns but you don't really know what he wants to do in future. Give him some puzzles to solve, normal aptitude etc, they will help in almost every aspect of his work life. And please don't try to force anything onto him, he might end up hating studies.

  20. Uhh, the spinning fans might generate a reverse voltage? Not sure i prolly won't do it

  21. 2 meme pages posted the same meme and somehow both ended on my feed together xd

  22. You're on controller but for people with keyboard and mouse you can melle and above, quick switch to your melle again and then melle again with no delay whatsoever

  23. Isn't answer 0 since Mandy doesnt have any GREEN BALLS PENS

  24. i just installed every acer bloatware, reinstalled care centre again for limiting battery

  25. I had the same issue, vulkan is crap imo even with fps. To fix it complete reset your game settings and video settings. There are ways to do that bringing up cloud conflicts etc. You can google that.

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