1. Oh Bimini hard ditched them lol. I didn't know Bimini wasn't on tour with them but makes sense

  2. Play against a Vayne or Twitch. They press R. You press E. Profit

  3. Thrift shopping lol, I can check the brand when I'm back home. It was Value Village, you should check them out if there's one in your city. Always amazing stuff

  4. Yeah no worries. Always good finds at Value Village haha

  5. Doesn’t look like anything tbh, i checked the page and nothing all that special or different is happening. May just be a personal choice for the moment

  6. From looking at her twitter, she's been hard tweeting against the Republican party and homophobic people in the USA. Could be that people are harassing her on her socials for it

  7. I think it's viable but I assume that she probably gets dumpstered by good assassin players. My biggest concern would be Akali and probably Zed. Against any other matchup I don't see her struggling tho

  8. if you can get ahead against zed it's not so bad. I find a decent Qiana worse

  9. True! Stealth is definitely the most oppressive against her

  10. Three. Or did she go home thr week she kept it all on?

  11. The week she went home, she took everything off to put something different on. Instead of a costume reveal she did a costume change

  12. Itemizing for early does not mean the game will end in 15 mins. It means that you'll build your lead from the early game and then win from that

  13. I've been rewatching it lately and I love season 11. I think it has the best Rusical we've seen for a LONG time, possibly the best ever. I love the Trump High/Grease rusical. I love Evie, and Brooke and their lip-sync for the failed Snatch Game was epic. I didn't enjoy Silky the first time round, but mostly because of her attitude, she does pretty well in the challenges (though her lip-syncs were terrible). I really enjoy Akeria and Vanjie.

  14. Vanjie was robbed twice that season

  15. Ya era hora que se fuera. No hizo nada bueno en toda la temporada

  16. Shea Coulee and Jujubee. The fandom are extremely mad about how many times they've been casted recently lmao

  17. It was absurd, Paloma, Soa and Elips were all better than her and Elips definitely should’ve won

  18. Specially after LGD came out dressed as a condom that didn't look like a condom

  19. no yeah wasnt elips literally safe?? i was so confused, she was great AND edited as high

  20. I didn't know that! I could actually see that, although Nicky really surprised me with how good she turned out being.

  21. I had hope in Nicky. She definitely seems to shine in a more professional host setting than the comedy and acting that goes in Drag Race

  22. Reminder that this "fabulous" queens lasted more episodes than Acid Betty 🥴

  23. Sis, she lasted as long as the entirety UKvTW 🥴🥴🥴

  24. She lasted as long as Elektra Bionic 😭

  25. She's definitely making the finals, but Top 2 after winning a season (and this not being an All-Winners season) wouldn't look great for future VS The World seasons.

  26. The casting decision was stupid. But now that she's here, I'm convinced she's taking the crown

  27. Ivern isn't an enchanter btw, he's classified as a catcher. (Instead of AFK shielding allies, try to get them some free kills to your carry by locking people down in place)

  28. I mean he's both, I don't see how you can have a champion that spams shields with a 3 seconds CD and builds Moonstone and Shurelya not an enchanter

  29. You can watch it for entertainment purposes, as a source of learning it's pretty bad tho. He is a Masters player that buys silver accounts and plays the most troll stuff that will end up working just because the skill gap between him and the opponent is just massive.

  30. Without reading much, I'd think that he married you to take advantage of you. Division of property maybe? Idk if that's a law after divorcing where you come from

  31. Maybe he's wealthy and that's why he married him

  32. Yeah. Nobody really proposes marriage after 2 months of dating unless they have malicious intentions about it

  33. Ru very likely just had the flu or something and bc the UK series are on such a tight production schedule they prob couldn’t delay filming

  34. Meanwhile Season 3 sent everyone home for a month lmao

  35. When Tynomi was in the bottom 2 for the Girl group challenge over Ilona or Jimbo, it was pretty obvious that they wanted to get rid of her

  36. The shots of Ilona being absolutely confused and just throwing her arms around always get me

  37. She's giving traffic officer realness

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