1. I think it depends what you do. By the time i was 18 i had 10 years of building experience right up to building 2 houses with my grandfather and uncle. Both were builders. 10 years of working in an orchard and 10 years of bee keeping. My uncle owned an orchard and had 500 hives. 5 years of working on a dairy farm milking cows. Milked and picked up hay over the holidays during school. So it depends on what you do. I got a plumbing apprenticeship and became forman by 22 running multiple job sites. Also look at Parker on gold rush. He had over 10 years of driveing muliple heavy machinary and mining gold by the time he was 21.

  2. I thought managers were allowed tips if they did the actual part of the job that tipped.

  3. Try les mills. Is a bit pricy but showers are awesome always has the latest gear and can go to any les mills in the country.

  4. You are not anything until you begin your journey in your chosen field as you play.

  5. Buy a portable ac unit. They are around $400. Ive had mine 6 years and still going strong. Only use it on really hot muggy days.

  6. Absolutely stunning. Clamp on the riser could be for a fire wrap bracket

  7. Put in a high pressure hwc. Put in an instantaneous water heater. You could try a 20mm or 3/4" for those of you who still use out of date measurements temp valve to increase volume.

  8. If thats the case then the drivers a tosser and to make it worse he drives a ranger.

  9. E ven if you get there early all the carparks are taken at the park and rides. Is this later on in the day.

  10. I think it needed a few more minutes to get ready.

  11. The thing is if its affecting your drive or anything else its got to go along with the tree. You can plant a new one that has less destructive root systems.

  12. If you are in nz you can get 80 percent of your wages after 2 weeks from acc. 10 days paid leave for sickness and get ahead with your asignments.

  13. I was youth aid in the police. And what you did was excactly what was needed. The police reacting the way they did was totally wrong. Youth crime upto the age of 17 unless really serious will be discharged without further consequences after the age of 17.

  14. Looks compliant to me. You can dump more fixtures into a floor waste gully as long as the size of the gully and pipe can take the total amount of fixture units. I would put in an open floor channel drain and individual pipe work. Theres nothing wrong with arguing with inspectors. Most times their wrong. You can ask for their supervisor to clarify. Show them your code and make them read it.

  15. Hondas are very good cars as well. The honda dealership at wairau park have used and imported cars. Ive bought 3 cars from them over the years. The latest was a hybrid jazz. It does 1000 km per tank. Ask for carlos. He will sort you out. Good luck

  16. Here in the US, employers aren't required to accept doctors notes. My work doesn't accept anything that's not work related. Flu, covid, stomach bug, pneumonia? You get a point for the first day, half point for the second day, then no points for additional consecutive days off. 8 points in 6 months means you're fired. And you don't get paid for the time off either. Pretty much everything counts against your attendance. Car wreck? Should have gotten a ride. Stuck in the snow? Not our problem. Most employers I've worked for are this way. Some only give you 3 points until you're fired.

  17. It just astounds me the amount of shit your worklaws are.

  18. In nz wages and salary are protected in case of bankrupsey. Also taxes.

  19. It releases co2 and water. If you want to stop global warming dont use slight of hand to misdirect the public but stomp down on the big factories that produce the toxins. If they researced ways to reduce emmssions instead of bribing government then we would all be better off.

  20. Only one problem. Press fit fittings are not food grade certified.

  21. Sometimes it scews when it tightens. So loosen it, align it and retighten.

  22. What the hell. Did he throw the drill at the wall.

  23. My son works for a company like this. They made 10m profit and his bonus was a 6 pack of red bull. He was the warehouse manager and worked 80 to 100 hr weeks during covid to keep the business running as the other workers kept dropping like flys due to getting sick. Just goes to show how some owners suck.

  24. Illegal setup. T should be verticle on the pipe at floor level. Two traps run seperately to each inlet of tee. Aa valve on one of the pipes as this is all you need to vent single line with 2 traps. Also we can use aa traps if you want too. It saves an extra tee.

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