1. Coming in a month later as an objective observer of this thread to say that yeah, your initial comment actually did come off as unquestionably hostile.

  2. Needlessly hostile response. Telling someone to "LeARN A SKiLl" is absolutely unhelpful.

  3. Saturday was great Sunday was dead Monday was dead Tuesday was dead Wednesday was dead Tomorrow will probably be dead

  4. Same here in Virginia. I've been online for hours at various points today and had a total of 2 orders.

  5. I got one of these messages with a Wendy's order but it was ready when I got there and it took way less than the time they advised me on.

  6. Nope. I was added to their crappy company in days.

  7. It may not surprise you how often I see this comment. I've been using UE in the mean time and while the orders are fewer, I'm not totally unhappy with it so far.

  8. Being barefoot in a hotel at all is fucking disgusting. If you work in a hotel you know that yeah, the floors get cleaned but also yeah, really gross stuff happens round the clock and all of that gross stuff isn't always cleaned up, or cleaned up immediately.

  9. Newer driver here. Can you help me understand what a "slowdown" is and how it compares to just my area being dead? Last week was great, Saturday was booming, and this week I have had almost nothing.

  10. Virginia as well. I'm starting to suspect there's an issue with people not using this app anymore

  11. It's the billion dollar companies fault u aren't getting paid fairly, not your fellow working class customer 🤦‍♂️

  12. This. The working class is not your enemy! Uber could just pay us better.

  13. Been slow since Sunday. Dead yesterday and again today. I've been parked near a huge block of restaurants for over an hour, not a single order. I even called Uber out of boredom to make sure my account is in good standing.

  14. The fact that this is even a question in an antiwar subreddit speaks volumes.

  15. What will my gold tier give me?

  16. Two bottles of water or two snacks upon arrival, not every single day.

  17. The actual member benefit is 2 bottled waters at check in. Some hotels are strict on this, and they can get pinged by the brand for not delivering benefits consistently. Its the hotels that offer above and beyond the stated benefit level that create guests who expect that from every hotel going forward, even though it isn't the brand standard.

  18. IMO it's sometimes 100% worth the fight telling Diamond and Gold members they can't have free water every single day they're at the hotel. If they're nice and/or regulars, maybe, but sometimes... 10 out of 10, it's a rush worth experiencing.

  19. It is truly incredible how many people are in this sub spreading propaganda, advocating for war, and blatantly supporting pro-war politicians.

  20. Thank you for adding a spoiler warning. The last thing I'd ever want is this A+ movie to be spoiled for someone else.

  21. And it's still one of the closest video game adaptations I've seen in my life, pulling enough from the story while sprinkling in creative license. I am very much hoping Fallout will do this.

  22. Too bad he didn't "destroy" Condi and Hillary when he interviewed them. Would've been the perfect chance to rip two war criminals to shreds.

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