1. Be careful on cheat days. If you’re on say a 500 kcal deficit 5 days a week, that’s a 2500 total. If you then eat in a 1000 kcal surplus both weekend days, you’re erasing most of your deficit.

  2. I have abs and I never work out abs. They are secondary use muscles and engaged when I squat and what not.

  3. My AM told me you may inherit lucks from the previous owner. I bought those brogue shoes at one of the thrift store, looks super antique and come with an artistic stitching pattern. My mom asked me what if someone got stabbed wearing those shoes…

  4. I always heard that the best thing for recovery is to get some calories and especially protein in after a workout, and it’s one reason my window is 9-5 so I can run in the morning and eat afterwards. But clearly some people here do not subscribe to that theory, since I’ve seen people talk about working out during a 24 hour fast.

  5. Working out after 24 hours fast?! That’s insane! I’d need source of energy to perform a good workout.

  6. I don’t prefer weed cuz it’ll make me just wanna lie down. I microdose on shrooms 2 hours before yoga. Stretching feels amazing!

  7. Evidently they associate those type of sunglasses with druggies and gangsters. Perhaps you are unaware of these associations. [Shrug]

  8. but where is that association from?? I looked up yakuza, their sunglasses are not even that close. Then I look up at triads or druggies of Asian, none of them wore those sunglasses.

  9. I have been thinking about this since I saw them live a few days ago!! I looked up some sources about his workout, some sources claim that he’s on a vegan diet and occasionally adds salmon or tuna. He goes for a long jog, surfs a few times a week, do push ups, and dance a lot. Y’all inspired?

  10. Maybe I’m crazy, but this has become a routine for me when I know they are having a concert at night. I get excited for shows I am not even attending, anticipating which songs are going to be played haha

  11. I feel ya man. I went two days ago and they played “She’s only 18” for the first time this tour. I’m wondering what else they are gonna play for the first time this time!

  12. It’s a great bass for beginner! There’s a lot of tone options you can play around with so you can figure out what you want for your next upgrade. As for the quality, its spot on, I have no issues with it. To save you some money, try finding a used one at your local music store. I bought mine for $100 bucks.

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